6 Offseason Moves the Browns Must Make to Reach the Super Bowl Next Season

What moves do the Browns need to make in 2024 to get to the Super Bowl?

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2. Restructure/Re-do RB Nick Chubb's deal

Another player the Browns are going to have to approach about re-doing his deal this offseason is star running back Nick Chubb. The unfortunate aspect is that Chubb is coming off of a devastating knee injury suffered early last season, so there are complications to this.

The Browns could save almost $12 million by cutting or trading Chubb, and the 2024 season is the final year of his current deal. This is typically when you will see teams move on from players, but the Browns and Chubb have such a history together and I think ideally, if this team is going to be a Super Bowl contender, they're going to have #24 carrying the rock along the way.

But because this year is the final year of his deal, "restructuring" Chubb's contract would mean giving him a new deal, or ripping up the final year of the contract and essentially re-signing him to a one-year contract.

The Browns could perhaps entice Chubb by offering him some more guaranteed cash, because nothing that's left on Chubb's deal is guaranteed at this point. Offering a running back who is entering his age-29 season and coming off of a major knee injury guaranteed money is risky, but it would be a do-right by a player who has carried so much of the load (literally) for the Browns since he was drafted.