6 Offseason Moves the Browns Must Make to Reach the Super Bowl Next Season

What moves do the Browns need to make in 2024 to get to the Super Bowl?

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3. Pair up Nick Chubb with a proven RB2 in free agency

The free agent running back crop in 2024 is pretty darn good. The Cleveland Browns may not immediately jump to the top of everyone's minds when it comes to teams that may be in the market for free agent running back help, but I think they absolutely will be.

We've reached the ceiling of what Kareem Hunt is capable of doing for this team. I'm not sure where the Browns project Jerome Ford after this past season, but it does feel like another back will need to come in this offseason and raise the floor at this position.

Can you bank on Nick Chubb staying healthy? Can you bank on him taking on 250 touches? If Chubb takes on a heavy workload again this season, can he be expected to maintain the highest possible level of effectiveness? I'm not sure you can really rely on that.

There are some really good backs available that work well in tandem situations, specifically guys like Tony Pollard, Devin Singletary, Austin Ekeler, and Zack Moss. The Browns probably need to go with someone who could shoulder more of the load running the ball like a Moss, Singletary, or Pollard as opposed to a pass-catching specialist like Ekeler.

Get a proven RB2 in the building, someone who could allow you to maximize Chubb's usage while also adding a dynamic element to the offense. Tony Pollard would be a gift from the football gods to this Cleveland roster.