6 Offseason Moves the Browns Must Make to Reach the Super Bowl Next Season

What moves do the Browns need to make in 2024 to get to the Super Bowl?

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4. Trade for a Denver Broncos WR

For about the 100th time, we're talking about the Denver Broncos potentially trading away wide receivers. These rumors have seemingly come up at just about every opportunity, whether it's in-season at the trade deadline or in the offseason.

But the 2024 offseason might finally be when the Broncos decide to move on from one of their receivers that have apparently been drawing some significant (but not significant enough) interest over the last couple of years. Namely, one of Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy could be available in a trade this offseason, and I think either would be an intriguing fit for the Browns.

Let's start by talking about Jerry Jeudy, who is in the final year of his rookie deal in 2024. Jeudy has been in the league since 2020 and at this point, we've only seen shorter stretches from him of the dynamic ability that made him so special at Alabama. He's a route-running technician and has outstanding after-the-catch ability, but Jeudy isn't much of a true vertical threat or contested catch type of player.

Courtland Sutton is that contested catch type of guy. At the age of 28, Sutton is coming off of the best year of his NFL career with 10 touchdown catches and many of his best plays from last season coming with a high degree of difficulty. Unlike with Jeudy, however, Sutton doesn't offer a ton after the catch. He's a ball-dominant "rebounder" at the wide receiver position.

The Browns should determine what would be better for them this coming season and pair one of these guys up with Amari Cooper, who desperately needs a receiver to take pressure off of him.