How Aaron Rodgers' Injury Screws Browns Fans

Aaron Rodgers' injury has one key negative impact in Cleveland.

Browns fans are hit with some negative impacts from Aaron Rodgers' injury on Monday night.
Browns fans are hit with some negative impacts from Aaron Rodgers' injury on Monday night. / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Aaron Rodgers injury on Monday Night Football was obviously one of the biggest NFL storylines of Week 1, and it has wide-ranging implications across the league. This isn't just about shaking up the Super Bowl odds, either.

Cleveland Browns fans may not have it as bad as New York Jets fans with this news, but we do still get an unexpected piece of fallout that we're not too happy about.

Browns Primetime Games

The Browns' Week 17 matchup with the New York Jets is scheduled for Thursday Night Football. It made sense at the time of scheduling — it projected as a potentially important game for either teams' hopes of making the playoffs. And it featured plenty of quarterback star power with Rodgers and Deshaun Watson.

But Watson vs. Zach Wilson obviously doesn't carry the same allure, and this Jets team is now looking like a much less serious contender.

In the past, Thursday Night Football matchups couldn't be flexed out of primetime — often leaving us with some real stinkers late in the year. But that rule has changed in 2023, and the Browns could be one of the early victims.

Of course, getting out of Thursday night isn't all that bad. Fans obviously want to watch their team in primetime, but no longer having to face a short week that close to the postseason could be a blessing in disguise. Some extra time to rest, recover and gameplan could be a welcome change.

What this does mean, though, is that the Week 2 Monday Night Football matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers could now be the only primetime game on Cleveland's schedule.

That may change, as the Browns suddenly looking like real contenders does make them a more attractive option to flex into a primetime slot late in the year, but it's a bit of a bummer for now.

Of course, if we're making a push to win the AFC North and get back into the postseason, it's hard to be too torn up about when our games are being played.

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