All 34 Cleveland Browns Starting Quarterbacks Since 1999, Ranked Worst to Best

The good, the bad and the ugly all show up on the rankings of all 34 quarterbacks to have started a game for the Cleveland Browns since the franchise returned for the 1999 season.

Baker Mayfield and the other 33 quarterbacks the Browns have had since 1999, ranked.
Baker Mayfield and the other 33 quarterbacks the Browns have had since 1999, ranked. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
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20. Robert Griffin III

The idea of RG3 having a career resurgence in Cleveland and becoming the next franchise quarterback was incredibly fun. The reality of having Griffin as our starting QB was a lot less so.

He got hurt in the 2016 season-opener (not having a great game in the progress), and he wasn't back in the lineup until Week 14 when he struggled through the final four starts of the season.

It took Griffin five games to throw his first touchdown as a Brown, and overall he ended the year weak 72.5 passer rating, thanks in part to his three interceptions. He contributed 190 rushing yards too, but that certainly wasn't enough to make up for his poor passing performance.

19. Ty Detmer

Ty Detmer was brought to Cleveland to mentor Tim Couch. I'm not going to count Couch's play against Detmer, but Detmer's numbers really speak for themselves.

He got a ceremonial Week 1 start in an era where teams generally didn't like to start their rookie QBs, but fans were having none of that nonsense after Detmer went 6-of-13 for 52 yards with no IDs and 1 pick in a 43-0 loss to the Steelers. 

Detmer did redeem himself after Couch got hurt in Week 15 though, finishing the season with a pair of 150-plus yard games with 1 touchdown in each and no interceptions. They were both losses, but at least the losses weren’t entirely on Detmer.

18. Thad Lewis

It's hard to rank Thad Lewis because of the context of his lone start — a meaningless Week 17 loss that didn't earn him many more NFL looks.

But there are two reasons I've got him as high as I do:

First of all, it was a solid showing. He wasn't exactly airing it out, but he went 22-of-32 for 204 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 pick. That's good for a passer rating of 83.3.

And even though the game didn't mean much to the Browns, the Steelers played their starters. He wasn't just up against a bunch of second-stringers getting run to close out the year.

Lewis ended up signing with the Bills the following offseason, and we never really got a chance to see if he could keep up what he showed in that first start.