Browns' 3 Biggest Priorities After 2024 Minicamp

What are the Cleveland Browns' top priorities after 2024 minicamp?
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3. Get Amari Cooper's contract situation figured out

Amari Cooper wasn't present for any of the Cleveland Browns' mandatory or voluntary offseason work, and it's understandable when you consider his situation. He wants a new contract after posting back-to-back 1,000-yard receiving seasons for the first time in Browns franchise history.

Cooper was acquired in a trade with the Dallas Cowboys in the 2022 offseason and has turned out to be an absolute steal of a pickup for the Browns. Back when he was acquired, Cooper did his part to modify his contract in a way that helped the Browns facilitate the deal and fit him on their salary cap.

Now, Cooper is looking to get paid a fair market deal from the Browns. At the age of 30, the clock is ticking on Cooper's time in the NFL and the amount of money he's going to be able to make will only diminish the older he gets. If he hits free agency without a new deal in the 2025 offseason, he will be entering his age-31 season and there's no telling how teams will devalue him because of that.

The time to get a new contract is now.

Davante Adams, Calvin Ridley, and Mike Evans are a couple of examples of receivers close to, at, or over the age of 30 who have gotten big-money deals recently. Adams got a deal worth $28 million per season from the Raiders at the age of 30. Calvin Ridley just got $23 million per year from the Titans at 30 years of age. Evans got $20.5 million per year at the age of 31.

Cooper has every right to ask for at least what Calvin Ridley got, and the Browns need to figure out a way to keep him around on a 2-3 year extension.

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