Browns 7-Round Mock Draft: Quarterback a Position of Need?

How will the Cleveland Browns attack the 2024 NFL Draft after their playoff loss?
Cleveland Browns
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Fifth round (first pick): Spencer Rattler, QB, South Carolina

This year's NFL Drat class features a number of fascinating names at the quarterback position, really no matter what juncture of the NFL Draft you're at.

Remember when Spencer Rattler was supposed to be the next Heisman winner at Oklahoma? He got a slice of humble pie while he was with the Sooners, but I think we saw some nice growth from Rattler as he settled in as a member of the South Carolina program.

Rattler might not be everyone's cup of tea, but on Day 3 of the NFL Draft, he's absolutely worth the risk. Especially for a team like Cleveland, which is going to have to determine in the 2024 offseason where they are at with Deshaun Watson contingencies.

As I mentioned previously, the Browns need to be overly critical of the lack of availability from Deshaun Watson in his first two years with the team. And what the Browns have gotten from Watson so far has to be considered disappointing, at best.

Not that Rattler is going to come in and fix things, but I think you have to give yourself options. You have to develop guys and get players in on rookie deals who can operate your offense at a high level. The Browns drafted Dorian Thompson-Robinson last year, and I won't be shocked if we see them go after a Day 3 QB again here in the 2024 NFL Draft.