Browns 7-Round Post-Combine Mock Draft: Loading Up on Offense Early

The Cleveland Browns add to their offensive skill positions early in this post-Combine mock draft

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6. (208th overall): Bub Means, WR, Pittsburgh

Late in the NFL Draft, you want to find guys with upside, guys who can contribute to special teams, and guys you believe can develop over the long haul.

One of my favorite late-round prospects is Pittsburgh wide receiver Bub Means, whose stock has undoubtedly risen after a phenomenal performance at the NFL Combine.

Over the last three years, Means put that tremendous athleticism to good use, averaging over 17 yards per reception throughout the course of his collegiate career. He's a big play threat with intriguing size. This would be a great late-round pick.

7. (228th overall): Josh Proctor, S, Ohio State

Josh Proctor spent the last 18 years at Ohio State, so perhaps he should stick around the state of Ohio moving forward.

All kidding aside, Proctor going to the Browns late in the NFL Draft could be a pretty cool story. Again, in the late rounds of the draft, you're looking for special teams ability, upside, and guys who can give you depth right away.

Proctor may be an older rookie but he could add to your 53-man roster or be a valuable piece on your practice squad.

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