3 Browns Who Need a Breakout Performance in Second Preseason Game

A disappointing game against Washington could be backbreaking for these Browns players.

Three Browns players who need to impress in their second preseason game.
Three Browns players who need to impress in their second preseason game. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Ogbo Okoronkwo

As one of the team's notable offseason signings, Ogbo Okoronkwo already has his 53-man roster spot in the bag. However, he still makes this list due to his behavior at training camp.

This past weekend, the Browns were plagued by infighting, and Okoronkwo was at the center of it. He was caught on video slapping offensive lineman James Hudson and promptly running away. Hudson (rightfully) took exception to it, and the two got into a scuffle.

Now, this isn't the greatest start to a stint with a new team. Okoronkwo surely didn't look like a professional on the play in question, or after on Twitter. The last thing Cleveland wants is a shiny new addition to be at the center of a locker room rift.

One way for the edge rusher to make up for his recent actions is let his play do the talking in practice and in the game against Houston. Teammates can handle someone who toes the line a bit if they back it up by being a menace toward opponents -- instead of their own -- on the field.

As a new arrival, most of Okoronkwo's teammates likely also don't know much about his game. He didn't play in the first exhibition, either, so their small sample size of experience is headlined by a fight he started.

Thankfully, Okoronkwo has a chance to right any wrongs by setting the tone against the Texans. His signing was already important to a unit that struggled to get to the quarterback last season, but after the Browns recently lost two EDGEs (Alex Wright and Isaiah Thomas) to injury, the 2018 draft pick is suddenly even more vital to the pass rush right now.

He doesn't need to break out, but I'd love to see Okoronkwo make a play or two on Saturday and quiet any of the bad press surrounding him.

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