Final Score Predictions for Every Browns Primetime Game on the 2024 Schedule

How will the Cleveland Browns do in their primetime games in 2024?
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Week 13: Browns @ Broncos (Monday Night Football)

The Browns get a "mini bye week" in between their Week 12 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers and their Week 13 road trip to take on the new-look Denver Broncos.

And by new-look, we're talking in a wide variety of ways.

The Broncos have a new quarterback this season -- likely rookie first-round pick Bo Nix -- as well as new uniforms. However, in this matchup, the Broncos might try to play some mind games with Cleveland by wearing their throwback uniform option, a uniform worn against the Browns in a wide variety of the most crushing losses in the Browns' franchise history.

Regardless of how the Broncos are dressed, this is going to be a tough game for Cleveland. Denver head coach Sean Payton is going to have his guys prepared well for this game, and at this stage of the season, who knows how well Bo Nix will be operating that offense?

The Browns' defense going up against a rookie quarterback will give us a really intriguing matchup late in the season. This is a game the Browns can absolutely win on paper, and it's the return of Jerry Jeudy to the city that drafted him.

The Browns will also be looking to exact some revenge as the Broncos destroyed them last season in their matchup.

Prediction: Browns win 26-21