Final Score Predictions for Every Browns Primetime Game on the 2024 Schedule

How will the Cleveland Browns do in their primetime games in 2024?
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Week 16: Browns @ Bengals (Thursday Night Football)

This matchup is going to be brutal enough for the Cleveland Browns late in the season, but the timing of a short-week road trip to Cincinnati honestly couldn't be much worse. The Browns will be coming off of a stretch of games here that includes a road trip to Pittsburgh on December 8, a home game against the Kansas City Chiefs on December 15, and then a trip to Cincinnati just four days after that.

Like I said, brutal.

We'll see how healthy the Bengals are at this point in the season, but this is a game I could see the Browns dropping.

Prediction: Bengals win 27-20

Week 17: Dolphins @ Browns (NBC)

As of right now, the NFL has this game penciled into a primetime slot on NBC. That could mean a Saturday game, it could mean Sunday Night Football -- one way or another, this one looks like it will be tough to flex out unless one of these two teams significantly underachieved in 2024.

The Dolphins have been horrendous late in the season, and you hate to just immediately discount their ability to play in cold-weather situations, but I do believe the Browns have a substantial advantage in this matchup playing at home.

Prediction: Browns win 28-24

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