Former Cavalier Kevin Porter Jr. Adds New Arrest to Long List of Off-Court Issues

Former Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Porter Jr. has been arrested on assault charges.
Former Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Porter Jr. has been arrested on assault charges. / Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers decided they wanted nothing to do with Kevin Porter Jr. almost three years ago, and that decision has proven to be an incredibly wise one.

Always a liability with off-court issues, Porter is facing his most serious issues yet, having been arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Kevin Porter Jr. Arrest

Porter Jr. has been arrested and charged with domestic assault for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, former WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick. ABC Houston has more details of the arrest.

This isn't Porter's first time getting into legal issues during his NBA career, either. Cavs fans remember all too well when he was facing weapons charges toward the end of 2020, though those felony charges were eventually dropped.

Cleveland kept Porter inactive through that saga, and before he was ever able to get back on the court he ended up getting himself essentially kicked off the team for his locker-room outburst at GM Koby Altman.

The Cavs thought Porter was bad news, and so did the rest of the NBA. All we were able to get in a trade for the former first-round pick was a top-55 protected second, and even that felt like a win for Cleveland at the time.

Porter's on-court performance over the last few years has made it look like that trade had ended up being a steal for Houston, but it now seems like that was just a short-term thing. The off-court issues are back and potentially worse than ever, and Porter has probably now played his last game for Houston. If these charges hold, his NBA career may be over as well.