3 Bold Guardians Trade Deadline Predictions

If the Guardians want to repeat as AL Central champions, they need to be bold at the trade deadline.

3 bold trade deadline predictions for the Cleveland Guardians.
3 bold trade deadline predictions for the Cleveland Guardians. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Cleveland Lands a Veteran Catcher

A big part of our offensive woes have come from behind the plate. Mike Zunino was a bust and Cam Gallagher is having the worst year of his career (which is really saying something for a guy with a career .599 OPS), so it's time to make a change. Bo Naylor has been solid offensively, but do you really want to lean on a rookie backstop during a playoff race?

It's clear that we need a reliable veteran catcher to pair with Naylor. Not someone who will block him, but someone who can complement him and help take the pressure off of him.

Good catchers are hard to find and even harder to pry away from other teams, but who would say no to a talented young pitcher in return? The Rockies would certainly listen for Elias Diaz, and the White Sox will definitely be looking to move on from Yasmani Grandal before he reaches free agency.

This is a tough position to fill, but we have the ammunition to do it.