How Former Browns Fared With Their New Teams in Week 1

How Jadeveon Clowney and other former Browns fared with their new teams in Week 1.
How Jadeveon Clowney and other former Browns fared with their new teams in Week 1. / Phil Masturzo / USA TODAY NETWORK
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4. Taven Bryan

Taven Bryan didn't earn much goodwill with Browns fans last season starting alongside Jordan Elliott, but you can't put all the fault on him. There are plenty of guys who aren't good enough to be NFL starters — it's up to the teams to have better players on the roster and the coaches to put better players on the field.

That said, it was nice to see Bryan go this year, and he landed in Indianapolis, earning a rotational spot on the Colts' D-line and surely amusing fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who quickly grew sick of him when he played there from 2018 to 2021.

Jags and Browns fans alike were surprised that Bryan actually didn’t have a terrible game against the run.

He didn’t see the field a whole lot (24 snaps) and half of those were pass-rush snaps. He looked as bad rushing the passer as ever (no pressures, 52.9 grade from PFF), but those 12 run-defense snaps were pretty good.

He finished the game with 3 tackles, with a couple of them being really solid run stuffs and not just empty clean-up tackles.

The rebuilding Colts aren't going to be winning too many games this year anyway, so maybe they'll keep giving Bryan some run.

Either way, it's a lot easier to watch Bryan play now that Browns fans know we don't have to think about having him starting on the interior in Cleveland.

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