Latest Proposed Darius Garland Trade is Disastrous for the Cavs

The trade proposal suggested by ESPN is not a good idea for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers are yet to announce their new head coach, it is clear that they are entering a new era. After winning only one playoff series in the Donovan Mitchell era, the Cavs are looking to take a step forward next season.

What they end up doing with their core four remains the most important question. The Darius Garland-Donovan Mitchell-Evan Mobley-Jarrett Allen group hasn't been the smoothest fit so far but all signs point to the Cavs bringing them back for another season.

ESPN's Kevin Pelton, however, has another idea. In his column, he proposed a trade that he would like to see Cleveland make. In that scenario, the Cavs send Garland to the Brooklyn Nets and receive role players and draft capital in return.

Cavs receive: Cam Johnson, Dennis Schroder, 2025 First-Round Pick, 2029 First-Round Pick

Nets receive: Darius Garland, Georges Niang

A trade like this would be understandable for Cleveland. Cam Johnson, an elite shooting wing, and Schroder, a two-way point guard next to Mitchell, would make the Cavs a better-rounded team. A Schroder-Mitchell-Johnson-Mobley-Allen lineup is a smoother fit. Plus, the Cavs would be getting two future firsts that they can use to round out the roster and add more talent.

However, a return like this means that Cleveland is trading Garland at the lowest point of his value. While it is true that Garland didn't have the best season last year, he is still a 24-year-old dynamic point guard who has made an All-Star team already in his career. He can shoot, score, and run the pick-and-roll. Giving up on him for 28-year-old Johnson and 30-year-old Schroder isn't the most inspiring move.

That doesn't mean that the Cavs shouldn't move Garland. But, it's important to note that there is a good chance Garland will play better next year and rebuild his trade value. Unless you get a real difference-maker in return for him this summer, it's not worth moving him just yet.

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