5 Most Overpaid Browns Heading into the 2023 Season

These five Browns players are putting more than their fair share of stress on the team's salary cap situation.

Jedrick Wills Jr. lands on the list of most overpaid players on the Cleveland Browns roster.
Jedrick Wills Jr. lands on the list of most overpaid players on the Cleveland Browns roster. / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports
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Building a Super Bowl winning roster is a puzzle that few NFL teams crack. Having enough star power on the roster while still being able to afford depth is a challenging balance, and unless you still have some stars on their cheap rookie contracts it can be almost impossible.

The Browns have done a terrific job building their roster though. There are only a few players on really huge contracts, and they all deserve those deals.

That doesn't mean we're not overpaying anyone, though. To stay on top of keeping this roster as deep as we need, it's important to have an eye on players getting more than their fair share of the salary cap.

Here are the five most overpaid Browns on the roster.

5 Browns Getting Paid Too Much in 2023

1. Harrison Bryant

The Browns are obviously not exactly breaking the bank by paying Harrison Bryant about $1.9 million, but that doesn't mean he's not overpaid.

First off, we already have a tight end with a top-10 price tag in David Njoku. So unless we're getting a really goot TE2 to complement him it simply doesn't make much sense to pay much to anyone else at the position.

Sometimes it make sense to pay a bit of a premium for a young guy who might still develop into a steal, but that's looking like it's not the case for Bryant. If anything, his third NFL season may have been his worst. He received a career-low overall grade from Pro Football Focus and also posted a career-low mark in yards per target.

And finally, Jordan Akins looks the part as a competent TE2, meaning Bryant would be a nearly $2 million dollar TE3. When we have Akins making nearly half a million less than Bryant, it's hard not to hate that contract.