Proposed Browns Trade Brings in Elite RB After Missing Out On Jonathan Taylor

The Cleveland Browns have been linked to Derrick Henry in the latest NFL trade rumors.
The Cleveland Browns have been linked to Derrick Henry in the latest NFL trade rumors. / Mark Brown/GettyImages

When Nick Chubb suffered his season-ending injury, the Browns were immediately linked to Jonathan Taylor — the best running back available on the trade market.

Taylor is off the market now, having signed a huge extension with the Indianapolis Colts, but that doesn't mean Cleveland is done being linked to star running backs in trade rumors.

Browns-Derrick Henry Trade Rumors

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports was laying out some of the top NFL trade rumors in Week 6, and he listed the Cleveland Browns as the top suitor for Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry.

It's easy to see the connection here. Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry are probably the two most similar superstar running backs out there.

Both guys are the cornerstones of their offenses in an era where running backs just don't serve that role. Both can be capable receivers, but they receive far more run-heavy workloads than other top backs.

Both are old-school bruisers who wear down defenses, being at their most dangerous in the fourth quarter of games.

Stylistically, Henry is the perfect fit to simply slot directly into Chubb's role and allow the offense to run exactly as originally planned.

But is it worth going out and spending what's needed to add the former Offensive Player of the Year? That depends on the price tag, naturally, but Henry might come cheaper than you think.

The 2-3 Titans are not looking like a playoff team, and their attention will soon be on building for the future. And for Tennessee, that future probably doesn't include Henry. He's on the final year of his contract, and there's no reason that a rebuilding team is going to give a then 30-year-old running back a big contract.

So adding Henry as a one-year rental may not take an especially large investment.

The Browns won't be the only hopeful playoff contender looking to acquire Henry if the price is right, and Benjamin also lists the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a suitor. If the Browns want to get a deal done, they may need to act soon.

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