Ranking Andrew Berry's 3 Offseasons as Browns GM, Worst to Best

Andrew Berry is already the best Browns GM since their 1999 return, but which offseason has been his best?

Andrew Berry has almost wrapped up his third offseason as Browns GM, and we rank how the three stack up.
Andrew Berry has almost wrapped up his third offseason as Browns GM, and we rank how the three stack up. / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK
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1. 2023

I've absolutely loved Berry's 2023 offseason, significantly more than I loved either of the last two. It has really felt like the focus has been on building a successful roster in a much deeper, more sustainable way. There's been less focus on star power, and more focus and getting quality contributors across the board, including in depth spots.

Myles Garrett needed help on defense, in a big way. Instead of gambling on potential like Berry did with Clowney, Berry went out and got proven production in Za'Darius Smith (double-digit sacks in each of his last three healthy seasons, Pro Bowls in each of those years and a second-team All-Pro nod). He didn't settle for one addition either, also getting a nice bargain on Ogbo Okoronkwo, who had five sacks last year.

At the same time, the interior d-line got a complete makeover. Instead of being our DT1, Jordan Elliott is now all the way down to fourth in the pecking order. Dalvin Tomlinson and Shelby Harris are a great duo starting, and Maurice Hurst looks like a terrific depth piece.

The other big need wasn't neglected either, with both Juan Thornhill and Rodney McLeod brought in at safety. Again, it wasn' just an assumption that we could fix an issue with one player.

The success of the offense is largely going to be tied to what Deshaun Watson can do, but adding Elijah Moore while keeping the rest of an otherwise strong unit (both skill-position and o-line) is a nice touch.

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