Ranking the Browns Last 10 First-Round Picks, Worst to Best

Taking a somewhat painful trip down memory lane for the Browns in the NFL Draft
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9. Cameron Erving, OL (2015)

Cameron Erving might be the "best" worst player on this list for the Cleveland Browns.

As a first-round pick by the Browns, the fact that Erving only lasted two seasons in Cleveland is the primary reason why he's on this list. Anytime you draft someone in the first round, you expect them to at least become a full-time starter for you over the course of their rookie deal.

Anything less than that is a failure.

But Erving, although he only lasted two seasons in Cleveland, has actually found a nice niche in the NFL as a utility offensive lineman. He's been in the league for nine years and is still going strong. Not many guys last a decade in the league, so in that respect, Erving has done quite well for himself. But you expect much more out of a former first-rounder.

He's got 58 starts in 98 career games and actually has a Super Bowl ring as a member of the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs.