Ranking the Browns Last 10 First-Round Picks, Worst to Best

Taking a somewhat painful trip down memory lane for the Browns in the NFL Draft
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6. Jabrill Peppers, S (2017)

When he was at Michigan, Jabrill Peppers was one of the most exciting and polarizing players in the country.

People act like Colorado's Travis Hunter is the first guy to ever excel at playing on both sides of the ball, but real ones remember Jabrill Peppers at Michigan. He wasn't just playing both sides, but he was dominating in the return game on special teams as well.

As much of a marvel as Peppers was at Michigan, there were plenty of questions about what his role would be at the NFL level. You assumed he would excel on special teams, but what was he going to play defensively? Safety? Linebacker?

The Browns weren't the ideal destination for him at the NFL level, to say the least. After they picked him in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, he lasted just two seasons in Cleveland before getting traded to the New York Giants. Once he got to New York, Peppers really started to find his niche at the NFL level and has developed into a really solid all-around player.

He's currently employed by the New England Patriots and is entering a contract year. He's been one of the most productive first-round picks the Browns have made in the last decade, but obviously that production has come mostly outside of Cleveland. He had 78 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, and 8 passes broken up for the Pats last season.