Weekly FoS 2014 NFL Mock Draft: 1st Round

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Every year the NFL Draft if important for the Cleveland Browns. Every year it seems like the most important draft in memory. Every year the hopes and dreams of a rabid fan base fall on this one event, that now spans 3 days. We here at FoS LOVE IT too. Friday we completed our Browns 7 Round 2014 NFL Mock Draft. Yesterday we covered a very interesting covered a very interesting 4 round Mock Draft that had the Browns taking Mike Evans at #4, and interesting players on down the line. Today we give you our Weekly FoS 2014 NFL Mock Draft: 1st Round.

We use FanSpeak for our 7 rounder but this Mock Draft is a combination of what we think teams will and should do. If we think a team should draft a wide receiver but have no indication or history that they ever would we avoid mocking a WR there. The opposite applies as well. This draft is unique in that there are a number of players that could go high but where they go is very up in the air. There tends to be a few “rules” of thumb going around on the top picks so lets hash them out here:

  1. Texans: Blake Bortles or Jadeveon Clowney
  2. Rams: Trade down, Greg Robinson or Sammy Watkins.
  3. Jaguars: Clowney, Khalil Mack or a QB.
  4. Browns: QB, Watkins, Clowney or Robinson
  5. Raiders: Clowney, Robinson, or QB.
  6. Falcons: Trade up for Clowney, Robinson, Mack or Jake Matthews

Not that we agree with these, and obviously the farther down the draft you go the more “rules” there are. We placed those in order of the current perceptions. Now on to our 1st round Mock starting on the next page.

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  • Jarod Cook

    I wouldn’t be disappointed at taking Watkins at #4, But with such a deep WR class I fill it’s a waste. There’s about 4-5 guys at the bottom of the 1st rd who have the potential to play #1-2 WR in the NFL. Since coming back into the league the Browns have drafted in the top 5 on several occasions, and there has only been one player who showed he was worth the pick and that’s Joe Thomas. They should look to draft Robinson(If Available) or Matthews Instead of using the #4 pick to bring in a flashy WR, a standout defender, or gamble on a QB, why not look to secure the OL. I know it’s not the sexy pick and most fans will be angry,but come Sunday when they open holes in the run game or give the QB an extra half a second it will pay dividends. Wouldn’t be opposed to trading down a couple spots either they still might be able to get Matthews, Watkins, or Evens.
    I wish the Browns would show patience and wait till the middle rounds to draft a QB, but I know they won’t and are going to take one in the 1st rd. IMO the QB’s at the top of the draft are as good as the guys who are considered 2nd tier. As for taking Bridgewater at #26, I guess the Browns could be considered winners of the draft. Even after his mediocre scouting combine performance, and his even worse pro day performance he’s still considered the #1-2 QB in the draft by experts and scouts. And to be able to draft him at #26 would be considered a steal. Only time will tell if he’s the next Arron Rogers, or the next Brady Quinn.

  • Letterman007

    I like the draft, but I also would be cautious of drafting a QB that high! Really like the Watkins pick, but have been preaching that all along! I’d get the tackle or guard, preferably tackle at #26 and the QB at #35. Whoever is there, Carr, Bridgewater, Garopollo, one of those three! If not there then get your corner and go 3rd round for Murray or Mechenberg, STAY AWAY from Boyd all together!!