Big NFL Draft Rumor: Trade "Blow Top Off" Involving QB - Browns Involved?

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Jan 5, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) throws a pass during fourth quarter of the AFC wild card playoff football game against the San Diego Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is next week, just a few days away and we are excited. Our Cleveland Browns have 10 picks, 3 in the first 35 as well as tons of cap space to make moves. Louis Riddick of ESPN just tweeted out a possible big trade possibility involving QBs:

That could mean any number of things. It could mean the Dallas Cowboys moving up to get Johnny Manziel, the St. Louis Rams moving Sam Bradford, the Cincinnati Bengals moving Andy Dalton and many others. The Browns could get involved in a number of ways due to their position in the draft and their other assets. We will assume the Browns and Bengals wouldn’t make a deal giving the other their starting QB but anything is possible so we will start with what that trade could look like:

Bengals Trade Andy Dalton, #24 and #88 to the Browns for #4

The Bengals get whatever QB is available at #4, most likely all of them, to replace the flawed Andy Dalton who might just get run out of Cincy given his playoff failures. If the Bengals feel like Dalton can’t succeed in tight games, or believe he can’t succeed with the team moving him is an option, one teams often don’t take when they should. Giving up Dalton and 2 picks in the first 3 rounds may seem like a lot but moving into the Top 5 from the mid 20s is costly. The Browns would require an in division premium.

The Browns get a QB that has been able to succeed in the NFL, though limited in big games. The Browns have seen some of Dalton’s worst games but the new regime could like his style and consistency that he has shown in the season. The Browns would surround Dalton with a similarly talented offense, with a better offensive line. The Browns would then have #24, 26 and 35 to either select the best players on their board in an amazingly deep draft or to package with other picks to move back up. The Browns could add Dalton, a corner like Kyle Fuller, a safety like Calvin Pryor and a receiver like Donte Moncrief. It would be tough to know which of those players would be available and high on the Browns list but that kind of 4 player haul in the first 2 rounds would be huge.

The Browns would then have 3 third round picks and 2 fourth round picks to upgrade the rest of their roster. The Bengals and Browns likely would not make this move but had to be talked about. Now on to more realistic moves as we go from least realistic and end with most realistic:

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  • Jarod Cook

    Out of these 3 options I’d take the 3rd one. Bradford is a top 10 QB in the league when he’s healthy, and he’s only 26 years old. He’s leaps and bounds better then any of the QB’s in this draft, and wouldn’t really mind seeing this deal get done. I think he’s injuries wouldn’t be so much of a concern on the Browns who have a better OL, and a better receiving core the the Rams. The big issue would be resigning him, he has 2 years remaining on his current rookie deal under the old CBA. If he comes to the Browns and produces he’ll demand somewhere in the 15-20 mil a year range, and still having to resign several of their other key players this contract would be tough. Then with the #13 pick they can look to add a top CB or Safety, or add another top OL prospect like Martin, Moses, or Lewan(who I don’t like).
    Dalton couldn’t produce on a team that’s similar in talent to the Browns, and hasn’t shown much improvement. And Romo is old and over payed for his production, not to mention he’s a choke artist. I’d rather take my chances in the draft on a QB, then take either of these two QB’s.

    • ssmrage

      Romo a choke artist? Please stop being ignorant. Tony Romo for all his faults is a damn good quarterback. So many ignorant Romo haters these days you would think people just like hate.

      • Jarod Cook

        I agree he hasn’t had the greatest talent surrounding him, but you have to blame Jerry for that. Facts are he just turned 34, and his body is starting to give out on him. He’s never really put up goody numbers, and is more of game manger then a QB who can go out and win games. If he was in his mid/late 20′s maybe I’d say try to trade for him, but as it stands I’d pass on the deal. You sound like a Cowboy fan who’s just trying to get rid of the milk before it spoils, here’s a hint though it’s already started to turn, and everyone around the league can see that.

  • Rick G

    The Cowboys would probably have to give a lot more to make that trade work like giving us someone from their roster or their 1st round pick for 2015

    • Jared Mueller

      And Jerry Jones has been known to overpay. The cap issues are far too great sadly for Romo to be moved most likely.

  • Richard Ciesielski

    How’s this supposed to help the Browns ?. I’d even say if they do a move for Dalton or Bradford its basically saying they don’t have the confidence to train up their OWN QBs.. I would be LIVID if I owned the Browns and after you just signed two QBs you went and traded for another one.. I’d be turning shades of purple…Unless the guys last name is Manning or Brees after I got done blowing up I’d tell you to see if Chuds hiring unless we make it past the first round of play offs you’ll need a new job. Give me quality and not quantity PLEASE ——> Stay at 4.Look for Sammy, or Robinson, or Mathews or Evens . If anything I would be trying to trade UP my low picks and know theres always guys who show up trying for team spots every spring. Wonder if the Cowboys would take our lower picks for that sweet 16 spot they got, as for Romo , I’d go as far as to keep Tanney over Romo, All that said, I’m still for waiting for a QB till after pick 26.. Unless the Rams take the low drafts so they have more projects to work with, then I would take one in the first round. All kidding aside stay at 4

    • ssmrage

      You would keep an unproven quarterback that will be out of the league in a few years over a top 10 quarterback?

      Give Tony a defense, even an average defense and he will take you to the playoffs. People need to remember the Dallas Cowboys are one of the worst teams in football.

      Its amazing how he has kept that team relevant all these years playing with one of the worst defenses, offensive lines, running game in football.

      • Richard Ciesielski

        Funny you should ask that, because if we traded for that QB at 4 then you open the door for Dallas to get yet another unproven quarterback. Bradford might be swell in the right scheme , but who wouldn’t ? An I’m not knocking him, its just right now Cleveland already has 4 QB’s if it were baseball I can see loading up on the arms but its not, so I stay at 4 as a Cleveland fan and hope the Raiders don’t trade up for Watkins or hope the Jags don’t get him. Weeden tried to play here and even put his heart into it, but with the people that were with him when he passed a lot it was dropped a lot. When he scrambled he wasn’t really protected. Even if Watkins is gone by 4 give me running back protection, Cleveland was poor there too an they knew it to the point where we didn’t even have a true running back last year. That being said the two QBs might just be a roose , with our luck they’ll draft a QB at four and hope its not the Cleveland QB shuffle dance tune we’ve had here since no one listened to guys like me say take Manning , take Manning PLEASE. The sad thing is I said that twice. Whens the last time either Denver or the Giants since they got Manning finished worse then Cleveland? Lets just say years.

  • Letterman007

    As I was reading this article, these thoughts came to me. The first two proposals were no way, but the last one would be sensible with a little rework! Say the Rams got #4 plus one third and one forth rounder in exchange for Bradford and their #13 plus their first round pick for next year! Then the Browns can try Bradford out a year and see how it would work, and if it doesn’t they have two picks in the first round next year to get another QB. We know farmer likes some of the QB talent coming out next year, like Marriota, Hundley( from UCLA) Winston, who knows!! It’s just a thought!!

    • Jarod Cook

      I don’t see that deal working, and since they’re giving Bradford+#13 to go up to #4 that’s a fare deal. A more likely deal would be Bradford+#13+#45+3rd or 4th next year, for the Browns #4+3rd+4th this year. 1st rounds picks have a lot of value and teams don’t tend to part with them. And there will still be a lot of value in that #45 pick this year. They could possibly pick up ILB Boreland, or take a OL player. If they haven’t taking a WR yet they could pick one there since there should still be a couple quality WR’s left.

      • Letterman007

        We parted with a high pick for lower picks before and how did that work out? Not well and I really wouldn’t do it again! Not for Sam Bradford, as I don’t think he is the real deal! If they wish to loose him and his salary, it should cost them and the picks you have mentioned aren’t enough to entice me!! Not worth giving up a real good player in this draft, which no matter who does what above us, we have at least one or two real play makers to choose from. That is more valuable than Bradford!!

        • Jarod Cook

          The Rams have spent the few previous drafts building there defense, and have a good core group of talent on that side of the ball. Last year and this year they plan on focusing on their offense, which has been lacking. I stated earlier that his growth wasn’t so much stunted by his injuries, as it has been by the lack of talent that surrounds him. He’s a pocket passer who had a horrible OL to protect him(somewhat do to injuries), and nobody to throw the ball to, and no semblance of a running game the last couple of seasons.(Sounds familiar) To compound the issue he’s had to learn a new offensive scheme ever year from a different OC, I’m sure that hasn’t helped his growth either. I think he’ll do way better on the Browns who have a better OL, receiving core, and have added Tate to their stable of RB’s.
          The Rams are not going to trade him to just relieve some cap space. They’re going to do it cause they think the person they’re targeting in the draft is better. And they’re not going to give up a QB who was drafted in the top 5, and 2 first round picks to do that. If anything they do the same as the Browns draft a heir apparent to develop, then choose not to resign him when his contracts up. IMO if they use this draft to surround him with talent he’ll so he was worth the pick they selected him at. And by that time it will be to late to try and trade for him.

          • Letterman007

            The Browns are in need of playmakers on offense and I’m not sold on Bradford. They have tried to fix their O line and he has a couple decent receivers. They had a pretty good running back until last year. They also have a coach who has proven himself to be very good. He also gets more out of his players than most coaches! Yet they still are stuck in neutral and when you trade someone there is a reason behind it and I think it is Bradford’s lack of production!!

  • Chris Allison

    This is not the most idiotic article I have ever read……… wait it is.

  • William Plaster

    Why would the Browns want Dalton if the Bengals don’t want him? But, after all the Browns always manage to Bungle the draft. And the call the Bengals the Bungles? Go figure.