Rumors Swirl Surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers


Apr 24, 2013; Independence, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant listens during a press conference naming Mike Brown (not pictured) as the new head coach of the team at Cleveland Clinic Courts. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Update: When done reading these rumors, click here for rumors from 6/25 in the early afternoon.

The Cavs maybe the center of the NBA this off-season with their draft picks, cap space and young roster. This evening their were information passing quickly of what was up with the local team. Following each of the tweets will be my quick take.

– This should of been a minimal concern for the team. An ACL generally heals fine and should be expected to be being on schedule. If the Cavs do not select Noel it will be because of his fit with the team, his upside on the offensive end and their desire for how they want their roster built. Noel’s limited shoot range next to Tristan Thompson may not be ideal.

– Teams do their due diligence often as the draft moves forward. That there is that much interest in the pick means the Cavs will have some options. The Kings could make things interesting if they took off restrictions from the pick they owe the Cavs. The Pelicans don’t seem to have the assets the Cavs would be interested in, unless they were willing to offer next years #1 as well.

– Many rumored that the Cavs would seek out Cousins this off-season. The Cavs have spent much of their time seeking out high character players. The Cavs would have limited interest in Cousins, but if he came cheap I am sure they would act. They probably wouldn’t be interested in trading the #1 pick, but the Cavs ownership of the future Kings pick could come into play as well.

– Glad to hear they don’t like #9 and Derrick Williams, but not sure what else of interest the Wolves have, because we can assume Kevin Love is not involved. The only guess here is some wink wink nudge nudge agreement on their 2 restricted free agents Chase Budinger and Nikola Pekovic, which is highly illegal in the NBA ;), so they wouldn’t do that would they ;).

– The #1 overall pick isn’t traded often, and the team holding it should be asking for a haul. One thing we have seen from Grant is he is very specific about what he wants, whether it be a specific pick, see Kings and Grizzlies, or in the draft. They are the team with the power and should be looking for the kitchen sink if need be.

– Wrote about this already here. The fact that the Celtics haven’t either agreed or disagreed on this trade is of interest. The Celtics only have a few days, but did not receive any immediate compensation from their Clippers “trade” for Doc Rivers, and will be looking to start their rebuild with more picks this year. They will shop Pierce as long as they can. If they do not trade him they will probably cut him and save over 10 million dollars this season, so anything they can get for him is a good get.

The Cavs will continue to be in the center of trade talks all year. Check back for our take on many of them.

Remember when done reading these rumors, click here for rumors from 6/25 in the early afternoon.