Perfect Thursday Scenarios for the Cleveland Cavaliers


Oct 1, 2012; Independence, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (left) and guard Dion Waiters during media day at the Cleveland Clinic Courts. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors, rumors, shooting down of rumors and more rumors have ruled the last week and last few days when it comes to the Cavaliers. Due to their 4 picks in the top 33, including #1 overall, 19 million in cap space and a desire to make the playoffs this all makes sense. Tomorrow will post the last mock draft before the big event in the evening. We will also hopefully be live blogging the event discussing how each pick or move impacts the Cavs. Today wanted to combine some of the rumors, mock drafts and insight from the past month into a few “perfect” scenarios for the Cavaliers this Thursday. This is based on what we identified as primary needs for the Cavs this off-season.

Scenario #1 (The No Trades, Take the Big #1 Scenario)

#1 – Nerlens Noel     #19 – Reggie Bullock or Sergey Karasev     #31 – Glen Rice     #33 – Myack Kabongo

Perfect Because…

Noel provides interior defense and an athletic player to pair with the rest of the young core. Bullock or Karasev, along with Rice, give the Cavs shooting and wing play that they need. Kabongo had great hype early in his career, out of high school specifically, and is close with Tristan Thompson. He can provide a electric backup point guard play for the team.

Scenario #2 (The No Trades, Take the Shooter #1 Scenario)

#1 – Ben McLemore     #19 – Gorgui Dieng     #31 – Glen Rice     #33 – Lucas Nogueira

Perfect Because…

Cavs pickup the best shooter in the draft, and try to figure out the rotation later. Dieng is experienced and can provide defense and some floor spacing, a Serge Ibaka Lite if you will. Rice gives the Cavs a young small forward to develop with Nogueira being a project big man from Brazil. Picking 2 big men allows the Cavs to double down a bit and hedge their bets from not taking Noel #1.

Scenario #3 (The Trade the with the Mavericks to Move Up Scenario)

#1 – Nerlens Noel     #13 – Sergey Karasev     #31 – Glen Rice     #33 – Erick Green

Perfect Because…

Similar to Scenario #1 but if they trade up the Cavs would be looking to make sure they got Karasev, the smooth shooting lefty to roam the 3 point line for a decade. Rice is still the best option at 31 but the Cavs have shown interest in combo guard Green who could provide a lift off the bench for the team.

Scenario #4 (The Trade Down Scenario)

#4 – Alex Len     #31 – Glen Rice     #33 – Lucas Nogueira    Trade for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Perfect Because…

Cavaliers move down from 1 to 4, give up the #19 and a future #1 (Grizzlies or Kings Pick Probably) to pickup a defensive menace in MKG. They still pickup a player they were looking at at #1. Rice provides an offensive option to MKG on the wing and Nogueira is a risk but necessary given Len’s foot issues. Anderson Varejao, a fellow Brazilian could help him transition as well.

Scenario #5 (The Trade Second Rounders for a Player Scenario)

#1 – Nerlens Noel     #19 – Sergey Karasev or Reggie Bullock     Trade for: Danny Granger, Thomas Robinson or Paul Pierce

Perfect Because…

The Cavs still get Noel and a shooter but add in a talent with experience (Granger or Pierce) or one who was the #5 pick the previous draft (Robinson). Each of those players is available as the teams are looking to get out from their contracts for different reasons. The Cavs get the size and shooting in the draft and get a rotation player for their second round picks.

And the winner is…

All of the scenarios have their positives and negatives. Some are dependent on decisions of other teams, but since these were a review of “Perfect” Scenarios that is just what we got. The winner is the fans as Cav fans can be excited about the draft and the future of the team.

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