Bynum Decision Today? Pros and Cons of Cavs, Hawks and Mavs


Apr. 7, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum (17) controls the ball against Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat at the US Airways Center. The Suns defeated the Lakers 125-105. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

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Today reports are that Bynum is hoping to make a decision by today, or no later then tomorrow. Today he is reportedly meeting with the Atlanta Hawks. The Dallas Mavericks reportedly expect to meet with him as well, possibly tomorrow. We will take a quick look at the Pros and Cons of each location, both for the team and for Bynum himself. His on court presence, if healthy is the same to some extent for all teams, as is his injury risks.

Atlanta Hawks

Pros for the Hawks

–  Possible centerpiece for the franchise

–  Big man who might attract other free agents to Atlanta

–  Bring back fans

Cons for the Hawks

–  Rebuilding team may not keep his focus.

–  May have to give multi year contract without seeing him perform on the court in over a year.

–  Possible bad influence on younger players

Pros for Bynum

–  Center of attention and franchise

–  Multi year contract gives stability

–  Low expectations from team and fans

Cons for Bynum

–  Not a contender

–  No star to take on court attention away

–  Inconsistent coaching history and rookie head coach

Dallas Mavericks

Pros for Mavs

–  Young big to build team around and take physical toll of Dirk

–  Marketability

–  Veteran players and coach to support, discpline

Cons for Mavs

–  Risk of multi year contract

–  Demanding coach might turn attitude worse

–  Loss of payroll flexibility for summer of 2014

Pros for Bynum

–  Long term deal

–  Superstar teammate in Dirk

–  Owner willing to spend money, especially on medical technology

Cons for Bynum

–  Recent championship in Dallas creates pressure

–  Aging Dirk

–  Demanding coach not experienced with him

Cleveland Cavaliers

Pros for Cavs

–  Partner with Kyrie Irving forming Inside/Outside tandem

–  1 year risk that won’t change future plans if failed

–  Provides different skills then Tyler Zeller and Anderson Varejao

–  History with Coach Mike Brown, knows his demanding style

Cons for Cavs

–  Lack of focus, immaturity issues impacting young roster

–  Could have great 1 year, team picks up second year, knees implode.

–  Limits flexibility to make moves in season to pickup assets (draft picks, young players) by taking on salary

Pros for Bynum

–  Play with another superstar and most talented roster of the three

–  Limited expectations

–  Large 1 year deal to prove self

Cons for Bynum

–  Only one year deal, and if healthy and dominate second year is team option

–  Cold weather tough on joints

–  Stop gap while team waits for Lebron James next year

Making a list

Based on the pros and cons listed above its seems easy to see that Cleveland is the best fit for Bynum. The one caveat, the one we have talked about in the past, is his desire for a guaranteed multi year deal. Bynum’s confidence in his knees could decide his willingness to take a risk in Cleveland. If he was deciding between a 1 year deal, with team option, in Cleveland for $12 million and a 2 year deal in Atlanta or Dallas for $16 to 20 million he would be betting $4 to 8 million on his knees to take the Cleveland deal.

In order, based on the lists above, Bynum makes sense first in Cleveland, then in Dallas and lastly in Atlanta. Money is the biggest factor that could change that equation.

We would love to hear from Hawks and Mavs fan bases, what did we miss? Either Pros or Cons?

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