The “All In” Johnny Manziel


Yesterday we shared with you a video of Johnny Manziel being clung to by a young girl wanting his attention in a pool. It is one of a number of things this off-season, including floating on an inflatable swan (Whose going to create @JohnnySwan soon?), that could be concerning for the Cleveland Browns about their QB of the future. Manziel has a history of “having fun” a little too much for some people’s taste. As a famous person he will always be video taped by everyone as they hope to find him doing something and get publicity for catching it.

Today will be presenting a quick other side to the Manziel story, with a little bit of information from this writer’s career as a counselor. This won’t be an overly long article or full of facts, details and videos, instead the goal of this article is to get you thinking about more then just the behaviors of Manziel, which I do have some concerns about, and get you thinking about what this says about him as a person.


Many will see these actions and say they are a person who doesn’t understand his responsibilities, doesn’t care enough about football and is an irresponsible party guy. It is easy to think Manziel should realize the position he is in and to mind his manners in public, and even in private to some level. He should commit himself to football and prove the 21 teams that passed him over at least once that they were wrong. He is risking his NFL career and millions of dollars by these behaviors. All of those things may be true but that is only the glass half empty version, and remember here at FoS we are all about #ChangingTheNarrative of Cleveland sports coverage.

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Johnny Manziel goes all in in everything he does. He is passionate and dedicated to that with which he is currently engaged in. Whether that is partying hard, attending every big sporting event, studying film or on the football field, Manziel is an ALL IN kind of guy. The reports have all been that Manziel was a dedicated film student and ultra competitive on the football field with his time at Texas A&M. He was known to push himself and his teammates very hard, ala Kobe Bryant, but also when it was time to relax and hang out he did that very hard as well.

From a counseling perspective this is the single characteristic that can be found in all ultra successful people. That doesn’t mean everyone with this characteristic is successful, nor that everyone with this characteristic has it played out in the same manner as Manziel, but ALL IN people push the envelope and lead to big success or big failure. Mark Cuban just tweeted something out that speaks to this:

ALL of them. Not some. Not 40 hours a week but every single hour that was needed to be successful. I personally want a QB that is ALL IN for everything he does. Doesn’t mean I think Manziel will automatically be successful, nor do I think he should be doing some of the things he is doing but the character and person behind all of it is an ALL IN kind of person. When Training Camp starts I expect the same thing from him, ALL IN.

How do you feel about an ALL IN type of person, in your life or on your team? Scare you? Excite you?