Dwayne Bowe Out to Prove He is Still One of The Better WR’s in NFL


Dwayne Bowe is not the same wide receiver like he was a few years ago. That is what many people believe about him. However, the Cleveland Browns do not believe that is the case and that he can still contribute at a high level. That is the plan for Bowe since he needs to prove he is still is one of the better WR’s in the NFL.

He never is going to catch 100 passes in a season but he should be able to put up solid statistics. Bowe, who should be viewed as the second WR for Cleveland now, but may still have to be their top WR, was a Pro Bowler in 2010 with 15 touchdowns.

That type of player in 2010 may never be a realistic expectation in Cleveland. Last year, Bowe caught just over 750 yards. He signed a multi-year deal with Cleveland this offseason, teaming up with another veteran WR signing, Brian Hartline from Miami.

The last few years the Kansas City Chiefs have had solid and consistent quarterback play with Alex Smith despite no WR catching a touchdown pass last season. Bowe was the closest to catching a touchdown pass, but the catch got called back eliminating Bowe’s only touchdown.

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There is not a number one WR on the roster and I am excluding Josh Gordon because of his uncertain future with his availability. This is Bowe’s chance to get back to showcasing he still can be an effective player. If Gordon is able to be reinstated and right the ship like Johnny Manziel has been lately, then maybe, and that is a big maybe, I would have a change of heart.

The question at this part of the offseason is who will be Cleveland’s starter at QB? Once the Browns settle on a starter, hopefully that decision is for the full season.

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The Browns offense was not good last season, to say the least. Cleveland’s trio of Bowe, Hartline, and Andrew Hawkins should provide a good bridge till the team can bring in difference makers for the offense long term.

Once that would happen, those players would be able to fill roles better suited for their skills and abilities.  If Cleveland can get a number one wide receiver, Bowe, Hartline, and Hawkins can be the team’s two through four wide receivers on the depth chart.

This much we know of the Cleveland Browns roster: their defense is going to continue to be good and improvements against the run should be evident. The running game should continue to be relied upon with one of the better offensive lines in the league. The questions with the team includes the aforementioned position battle at QB and the lack of offensive play-makers at TE and WR. It is definitely going to be a wait and see approach if Bowe and the offense can make the necessary improvements.

Is Bowe going to prove the doubters wrong this year or will he continue with similar production in recent years?

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