FoS Talk: Will Browns Regret Not Drafting Offense Earlier?


The 2015 NFL Draft is over and the NFL teams are now participating in their minicamp. As this is going on, millions of fans are researching more information about their team’s draft picks in addition to a wide variety of opinions regarding the draft. Will the Browns regret not going offense earlier? For the debut of FoS Talk, we give our thoughts on the topic. The Browns have had obvious needs on the offense. They did fill needs but are you satisfied with how they drafted the offensive side of the ball?

Will the Browns regret not drafting offense earlier?

Ric McElroy

I regret it already! Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine seems to be more interested in a stellar defense and an offense that sputters and stacks up the three and outs. They need more offense to score points and at minimal, give the defense some rest from spending most of three quarters on the field, then being worn out by the fourth quarter! During Farmer’s time in Kansas City, they never had much offense and had the good defense. But where did they go, nowhere! They need to start considering putting play-makers on the offense early for the draft or these will be two or more lost years again and another restart?

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Kris Grimes

I too believe that the Browns will regret passing on offense in the early part of the draft. As Ric mentioned, Farmer comes from the Kansas City organization and avoids early round Wide Receivers like they are the plague. It’s the one position I can’t believe he continues to ignore. Sure, he signed Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline, but at best only Bowe is worthy of being called a true #1 wideout.

Meanwhile, most of the top offenses in the NFL have a go to Wide Receiver they drafted in the higher rounds. The Dallas Cowboys have Dez Bryant, Cincinnati Bengals have A.J. Green, and Denver Broncos have Demaryius Thomas to name a few.

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These teams typically have no problems scoring unlike the Browns. An elite or even good wide receiver who teams respect draws safeties and top cover corners downfield, opening up the middle of the field for other receivers or a running back for a big gain. Why Ray Farmer doesn’t believe that top round talent receivers are important baffles me.

Sadly it’s not only his belief, but it’s the belief of almost every Browns GM since 1999. The only Wide Receiver that any front office regime took in the 1st round was Braylon Edwards. While he is not a glowing example of why to draft a wideout with a top pick, we do have the 2007 season to remember.

With somewhat competent quarterback play, and a solid running game, the Cleveland Browns were one of the best scoring teams in the NFL. If the Browns do find a competent quarterback in the near future or Johnny Manziel gets his head on straight, he’s going to need a top flight receiver if the Browns are to truly compete among the NFL’s elite.

Nick Dudukovich

The Browns will regret not taking a playmaker early, because of their current quarterback room. If the guys throwing the ball aren’t that good, logic would say the team should get some guys to make their signal caller look better. Just look at how the Bengals surround Andy Dalton with top-shelf talent.

Even the Steelers, a team that committed its entire draft to defense, found a way to take a receiver in the first three rounds in Sammy Coates. Farmer doesn’t believe in investing high in the position, that’s obvious after his two years running the draft.

At least the Browns receiver situation is better than it was a year ago heading into the season. Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline may not be making any Pro Bowls, but their additions allow Andrew Hawkins to play in the slot—the position he’s made for.

I do like the Duke Johnson pick, and believe he will be the staring running back on day one. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West didn’t do that a lot. This offense needs weapons, and that’s one the Browns didn’t possess last season.

Ryan Rosko

Brian Hartline should do a solid job if he is nothing more than the second WR for the team. However, I am hopeful Dwayne Bowe can make a big impact on the offense. He is not going to be the Bowe of 2010 or anything, but he can still contribute at a high level. The team has an improved running game with Duke Johnson added and one of the top offensive lines as well, so those things are working for them.

On the other hand, other parts of the offense are filled with questions. First and for most, I do not believe the future at QB is on the roster right now. I wished they had selected Baylor’s Bryce Petty or UCLA’s Brett Hundley. The two late TE picks could turn into something that the team hangs its hat on, but they had chances of getting more established players earlier. Unless something changes with the TE position, Cleveland may have poor results.

My preference for the team was to have a drafted WR on the team by the end of day two. I understand why Farmer may not want to draft a WR early, but I do not agree with it. If that is not done, at least trade for an established veteran or a young WR with big upside. Hartline and Bowe are solid pieces, but neither are a staple on offense like Joe Haden is for the defense.

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