Cleveland Browns: Josh McCown Week 5 Player Preview


The Cleveland Browns are in a tough spot after their Week 4 loss on the road. Who is the player that can lead this organization back to some success? That player is QB Josh McCown.

In Week 4 against the San Diego Chargers, QB Josh McCown played the best game of his pro career. He does not look like the quarterback that played for Tampa Bay last year.

McCown is my player to watch for Week 5 because if he can get some time to stand in the pocket, he could shred the Baltimore Ravens’ secondary.

There were at least three occasions against the Chargers when McCown was under pressure or in the grasp and delivered strikes to his receivers.

I cannot say enough about how well he performed last week. If the rest of the team matched McCown’s effort and execution, the Browns would be difficult for every team in the NFL to beat. Of course, that won’t happen.

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If TE Gary Barnidge and RB Duke Johnson can stay healthy and on the field, we might be in for a real treat by the offense.

WR Travis Benjamin has been the most consistent player on the team this year. No one thought the Browns would have any offense this year at all. Between Benjamin, Barnidge and Johnson, the Browns’ passing game can be more than effective.

McCown has played two solid games in a row. Though the Browns lost both of those games, that is not because of McCown. Again, if the rest of the team played with the same fire that McCown is playing with, we would be watching a good Cleveland team.

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The team I am envisioning in my head right now is the same team I envisioned watching way back in the spring.

The Browns are on the edge of the cliff. A loss to the Ravens on Sunday would drop the Browns to 1-4. If that happens, their record puts them all but out of playoff contention with three-quarters of the season still left to play. Ugh!

A win on the other hand, would at least keep the possibility of making the playoffs a reality. The team needs one of these men to grab the leash around the neck of this team, give it a good yank, pull that leash, and drag the rest of the team with him to victory.

I believe that McCown can be that guy. I cannot believe I’m writing this, but McCown appears to be a man on a mission. It is his destiny to lead the Browns to a respectable season.

If McCown can somehow win this week, while playing well, if not inspired football, that might finally kick the guys in the rear end and get them playing like Browns. Let’s see if McCown can reach down and pick this whole team up and carry them to victory and into Week 6 with their heads high.

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