Cleveland Browns Are Going In Reverse


Another Cleveland Browns game is in the books. Like others this season, this was one that the team would wish a reset button existed. After today’s game against the St. Louis Rams, the evidence is clear that something needs to change in order for the Browns to achieve success.

You have to wonder why the Cleveland Browns keeps making the same mistakes game after game, snap after snap, on both sides of the ball! We have heard the same tedious rhetoric from Browns HC Mike Pettine game after game!

Cleveland has to get better with discipline, while also stopping the large amount of penalties. The Browns have to execute better on both sides of the ball.

The problem with their situation is that they are getting worse rather than better. There are miles of room for improvement on both offense and defense. Unfortunately right now, the Browns are not improving and the opposite is evident. Regression is happening.

The blame lies in the coaching from coach Pettine, Browns DC Jim O’Neil, OC John DeFilippo and the rest of the coaching staff are lacking in their duties. The Browns say they are going to get better but then a game like the one against the St. Louis Rams happens.

They cannot keep saying it is because the Rams defense is so good. Who’s, besides the Browns, isn’t tough? Cleveland has to play all the tough defenses and offenses as they come. Cleveland must put their best foot forward. This team is not doing that.

Either the coaches are not doing their job or they have, and here’s a shocker, picked the wrong players? Either way it falls back to the coaching and directly on Pettine!

All the penalties committed by the offensive line cannot be tolerated. The supposed really good offensive line had three penalties in the same series. Those penalties cost the team a large chunk of yardage. To top it off, those three penalties were done by three different offensive linemen!

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This is absolutely ridiculous and is a complete lack of concentration, foot work and basic fundamentals those players were taught in high school! Their poor play added pressure onto the rest of the offense.

Browns QB Josh McCown had a lack of where-with-all to throw the ball away when the play was not there — not to mention he was surrounded by Rams defensive linemen on a regular basis.

There is still no any consistent run game and the obvious lack of offensive playmakers has handicapped this team greatly. Cleveland is not going to get by in this league gaining success with a bunch of diminutive wide receivers running around looking like toothpicks!

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Lets talk fumbles. Yes they got hit hard, but the Browns must find a way to hold onto the football. What happened today was disgraceful. This team and mostly this coaching staff should want to hide.

The coaching scheme on defense is obviously not working. As hard as these players try, no amount of high draft choices and expensive free agents will fix their scheme. It did not work in Buffalo and it does not work here.

If this staff is married to that defense, then it is time to go! I don’t want another regime in here either, but it’s plain as the nose on your face — this system is not going to do the job. It needs changed.

Missing a player or two does not cause the team’s poor play to happen. That is because when they return, nothing improves. A perfect example is with C Alex Mack after being injured last year! He is back and there is still no running game.

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