Browns: Davis Or Manziel, Who Really Should Be Starting?

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Nov 30, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Austin Davis (7) scrambles in the second half against the Baltimore Ravens at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Ravens won 33-27. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

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Torrelle Howard

I have flipped sides. Initially I thought that Manziel should be given a shot to show what he could do at QB, but now I think they should go with Austin Davis. Manziel has yet to show me he is serious about being the Browns’ franchise QB and I am not talking solely based on what he did in his weekend in Austin. Instead because he disregarded orders to stay home from his head coach and then proceeded to lie about it after the fact. That showed me that he really is not all that serious about his job.

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My grandma probably cannot tell you five players on the Browns’ roster right now, but she said something that stuck with me when I was home with her for the Thanksgiving weekend. “Look at that Jameis Winston. He has been really professional so far in the NFL and he acted a fool in college.”

That’s the crazy thing about it. Winston did a lot of the same things Manziel did, probably even worse things and yet he has gotten to the NFL and figured it out. Winston is serious about his craft. Manziel has not figured it out, and he is not as serious. That’s a problem to me. Meanwhile you have Austin Davis.

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He has not really been given a chance to show what he can do yet. He has played a bit for a lackluster St. Louis Rams squad for what was essentially his rookie year, being his first few games played in the NFL, but that is it. Why not reward him for his hard work and commitment to the team and give him a shot?

I would rather go in that direction than just give Manziel the shot just because of where they drafted him and give him a sense of entitlement in that way. That in itself has led to problems within the team already (remember CB Justin Gilbert and WR Dwayne Bowe?). Make Manziel earn his spot back and see if Austin Davis can be our guy.

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