Cleveland Browns: Joe Thomas’ Comments Are Speaking To The Choir

Dec 24, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas (73) during the first half at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 24, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas (73) during the first half at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /

Cleveland Browns cornerstone left tackle Joe Thomas gave his thoughts on what the team should do atop the draft board.

Earlier today, Joe Thomas was on the Dan Patrick Show. While as a guest, he discussed the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, who the Cleveland Browns should take first, and reactions to when he was drafted.

Despite not having the necessary team around him to be a contender over the years, Thomas has been a sure thing for the organization since he was drafted.

With such limited success in terms of wins over the course of his career, Thomas understands how crucial it is to get impactful players now, not later.

Now, the defense is continuing to build, but there is no long-term answer at quarterback. Did that fact sway Thomas’ opinion? Nope.

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Cleveland cannot wait for what could be in terms of drafted players, especially ones that are drafted high and that is why Thomas’ following statements in the video below makes perfect sense.

Although Thomas never mentioned Texas A&M EDGE Myles Garrett by name, but Patrick did, it is safe to say that is the player he was referencing. Thomas has it right that a quarterback should not be drafted first this year. The left tackle’s opinion of believing going defense without hesitation is also pretty significant.

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Due to the combination of no immediate star at quarterback in this draft and so many needs, not going with a signal-caller at one is not surprising. Cleveland must add talent all across the board (on both sides of the ball) so their quarterback can actually be successful.

Even if their offensive line played well and was healthy last season, it still would not have been a productive sight to watch. The numerous quarterbacks Cleveland had at their disposal in 2016 still would have had too many holes in their game. Cody Kessler could be a stop-gap player as he did appear to have more chemistry with his teammates than others at his position last season.

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Just think about Garrett in defensive coordinator Gregg Williams defense as he plays alongside the likes of Jamie Collins, Emmanuel Ogbah, and Danny Shelton, among others. The ways the Browns are building, the more their model of building their roster is appearing to similar ot that of the Seattle Seahawks.

Initially, Seattle added quality talent all over the board. Closer towards the end of their building prior to their Super Bowl appearances in recent seasons, they found their quarterback, Russell Wilson.

It is unlikely Seattle would have made it recent Super Bowls without Wilson, but who knows. Now, as Seattle built their core, they were still more talented than the Browns currently are.

In the next couple of seasons, Cleveland could get closer to that competitive level. It is a process and one step at a time is the only way to move forward. Once the Browns meet that goal, then being the competitor the franchise once was will become more realistic.

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Thomas had it right with needing players that can come in and contribute now and that is what Garrett will do. Besides, how can Cleveland not go with Garrett? In just a couple of months, we will know their answer and I cannot wait!