Cleveland Browns: Don’t Dismiss The Possibility Of Zay Jones As A Draft Pick

Who will the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks throw to this fall? How about former East Carolina wide receiver Zay Jones?

Can you really say that you are content with the Cleveland Browns‘ wide receiver corp right now? Perhaps, but I cannot. Maybe in a few more seasons once some of last year’s drafted group continues in their development.

During the 2016 NFL Draft, Cleveland’s drafted wide receivers all had a specific skill set. None of them could do it all coming out of college or was projected to do so eventually once in the NFL. It is not often such players ever can, but a good chunk of contributing wideouts does provide a solid job in a number of roles.

Not everyone can have the size (preferably), quick speed, separation ability, etc. However, the ones who makes an impact weekly either uses their God-given makeup to succeed as well as working on their game relentlessly.

New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman does not have the size, but he is a reliable and consistent wide receiver. Meanwhile, Green Bay Packers’ Jordy Nelson does have the height (6’3) but his game translates so well that he can dominate at every spot a wide receiver lines up, including in the slot.

If Zay Jones can become anywhere close to what those players are, his team will have hit a homer. At his best, Jones should be a very good slot wide receiver. On the other hand, if he was placed on the outside, confidence should not change in what he can do. He is not as tall (6’1) as a player like Nelson, but his body composition in general can be more of a comparison.

The former ECU product, whose real name is Isaiah Jones, appears at the moment to be rising the fastest of all the wide receiver prospects. His play during Senior Bowl practices and in the game (in which he had two touchdowns called back) also benefited him greatly.

Yes, there are other key areas of need that needs drafted. However, if Jones is there at 33 or even 52 in the second round, it has to be tempting to take him there. He is too good of a value to pass up. Unless Jones displays a drastic, disappointing performance

If a star defensive back, EDGE, or quarterback is still available then this is a no-brainer. Since that is far from a sure thing, for the Browns it all goes back to the state of their roster. They need playmakers and Jones is definitely that.

The current state of the Browns’ wide receivers is still to be determined, which is why adding quality talent in the meantime is one reason why Jones may be worth considering on day two.

His stats speak for itself as Jones continued to improved each year at East Carolina. In 2016, Jones finished 158 receptions for 1,746 yards, an 11.1 average, and eight touchdowns.He finished his career with 399 receptions, 4,279 yards, and 23 touchdowns.

Comparing Jones to that of the Browns’ wide receiving corp, there is no question that he is better (in terms of both potential and current level of ability) than some of the current Browns receivers.

That is all great and all, but will Cleveland believe that too and actually decide to select Jones at some point? It would be wise and soon enough we will know that answer.