Cleveland Browns: Would You Reconsider Your Fandom If QB Goes First Overall?


Speculation is the name of the game now until the draft. If a quarterback goes first overall, what may Cleveland Browns fans think then?

Obtaining and securing a franchise quarterback has been a key priority for the Cleveland Browns. For years they have gone multiple routes in hopes of finding that guy.

From drafting signal-callers who failed to reach expectations to signing veterans who also struggled, quarterback has been a glaring weakness the organization cannot get over. Despite the numerous attempts of trying to fix the position, Cleveland still is looked down upon whenever they go after the next option.

That is unfortunate. What else would one expect? Other franchises who has dealt with the same situation has not been as ridiculed as the Browns have. There is no point in Cleveland keeping still when they are without an answer.

They deserve props rather than criticism as the front offices over the years has not quit in their pursuit of finding their quarterback of the future. Now in 2017, Cleveland could go down a number of roads as they look to get their quarterback. Whether it is via trade, free agency, or the draft, an addition is expected.

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Even though adding a quarterback is needed, would you really be okay with them taking one first overall? In recent drafts we have seen them either reach for quarterbacks or traded down instead of drafting a more concrete option.

Texas A&M EDGE Myles Garrett is as close to a sure thing as one is going to get. If you recall, Cleveland could have landed now Oakland Raiders EDGE Khalil Mack, but they decided to go in another direction. At worst, Garrett is going to be the next Mack and anyone would take that outcome.

Yet, is the need for a QB too much to pass up on a star defender? For some, that may be the case. If Cleveland were to draft a quarterback at one during the 2017 NFL Draft, North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky, Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, and even Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer all could be that player.

Trubisky has been a popular name recently, but all three to some degree could be a worthy selection. If Browns head coach Hue Jackson wants one of those guys and does not want to wait to see what is left, a QB at one could become more of a reality.

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Should that happen, that would be the wrong move as well as the most recent knock on the franchise. With no elite quarterback available in this year’s draft, why take a quarterback just because of his position?

Cleveland needs to build a team with quality players. Taking a quarterback at one would not only be risky, but also a waste of a pick. The Browns could instead select a quarterback at 12, 33, etc., or trade up and grab one if they absolutely needed to draft one early.

Since a quarterback cannot succeed without talent around him, what would you do if Cleveland actually took one at one instead of the best prospect in the draft? Could you really reconsider your fandom and loyalty to the Browns?

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The diehard and old school fans won’t leave, but anything less than that may be fair game. I do not want to think that way, but think about it. When is enough enough?