Cleveland Browns: Pros/cons of DeShone Kizer being the starter

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The Cleveland Browns have been searching for their answer at quarterback. Could they have found their guy via their second round selection?

Leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns were linked to the four top quarterbacks. Each of those players had a case that would have fit Cleveland’s plan. They bypassed the first three and ended up selecting Notre Dame product DeShone Kizer with the 52nd pick.

Kizer, who is from Toledo, Ohio, could be the next failed Browns quarterback. If that were to happen, it likely would be due to the fact that he had to play before he was ready.

However, Kizer could have a season similar to that of Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott in 2016. Over the next few weeks we will have a better idea of what side of the coin Kizer is leaning.

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Now, I am not saying Kizer is the next Prescott, but if he were to play this season, he should impress some people. So, why does Kizer starting make sense and why is it not the best idea?


This is not the early 2000s or 1990s anymore. In the past, teams that chose quarterbacks in the first or second rounds have waited to play their new signal-callers. The NFL is also not like it was.

Thus, teams must play their rookies much sooner than they typically would to see what they have. Despite spread offenses and other related offenses in college, there are still a number of rookies who can translate their games faster than expected.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: Should Kizer display the necessary skills in camp and preseason, the time frame could potentially be shorter for the Browns in determining if Kizer is their future.

His size is not surprising and is viewed differently than his teammate Brock Osweiler‘s 6’7 height. Per, Kizer is 233 pounds. Combined that with his 6’4 frame, Kizer’s physical makeup and skill set in college draws similarities to Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger.

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Besides, how many 6’7 plus quarterbacks do you know have gone on to excel and be a consistent answer at quarterback? Sure, Kizer has a very long road ahead before people can really seriously compare him to Roethlisberger, but I would like my chances if I am head coach Hue Jackson.

Kizer has had the strongest arm in camp so far and is the most mobile of all three starting candidates.


History is not on Kizer’s side. The list of quarterbacks that should have learned from the sidelines more, but did not, is very frustrating. Some of the more notable names are Brady Quinn and Johnny Manziel.

If Kizer plays early and fails, then that mannequin with the Browns jersey list with all of those quarterbacks’ names will continue to increase. Both the fans and the team cannot afford to see that continue!

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Kizer does not have as much experience compared to Osweiler and Cody Kessler when it comes to calling plays in the huddle and playing under center. To his credit though, Kizer’s work in those two areas have not gone unnoticed.

Not enough options on offense.. yet. Cleveland has Isaiah Crowell at running back and David Njoku at tight end. However, the wide receiver position is an unknown. Sure, we can speculate all we want about what Kenny Britt and Corey Coleman could provide, but that’s all that it is.

Does the roster, specifically on offense support Kizer enough as a rookie? Does it even matter if Kizer’s play can take others’ to another level? Time will tell.

What is the rush anyways? If all three quarterbacks remain on the roster, then there is likely more time for Kizer to watch and learn.

That’s a good thing right? Well, yes, and I am hopeful that happens. However, watching can only do so much.

It is not like there is a quarterback that is there to mentor Kizer like Josh McCown was last season to Kessler.

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If Kizer does not start Week 1, don’t be surprised to see him (pending the Browns’ progress) after the bye week versus the Detroit Lions.