Cleveland Browns: No reason for DeShone Kizer to remain QB3 on the depth chart

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 10: Quarterback DeShone Kizer
CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 10: Quarterback DeShone Kizer /

The Cleveland Browns’ quarterback depth chart should see at least one change prior to their next preseason game.

For good reasons, Cleveland Browns fans wants to see more of rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer. That is bound to happen, but we all are dealing with the waiting game right now as to when head coach Hue Jackson decides to make that announcement.

Heading into the first preseason game versus the New Orleans Saints, Brock Osweiler started at quarterback. Following him has Cody Kessler, Kizer, and then Kevin Hogan. Hogan never played and I would not expect him to on August 21 versus the New York Giants.

The case could be made for Hogan to get reps resulting in Kessler moving down to fourth-stringer. The former USC signal-caller was bad and has not shown any improvement in camp.

Yet, I would not demote Kessler. He is still a better option than Hogan.

That said, the future is Kizer, but he should not be rushed. There is no reason the depth chart should list him again third in the pecking order.

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns /

Cleveland Browns

Kizer has been impressive and will need to see more reps with the ones. For at least another game, Osweiler should start. That said, it is not a matter of if Kizer starts, but when.

In an ideal world, Kizer does not start at all in 2017, but assuming he continues to show that he can take on more responsibilities early, then at some point in the regular season the reigns should be handed over.

I know there has been wishes expressed of Kizer starting Week 1 versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. Right now, Kizer would not benefit from such a decision. The upcoming preseason games could change that, but I would still be cautious.

At the very least Cleveland fans should get to see Kizer in more regular season-like situations. Thus, playing a good chunk of the first half is very possible and realistic.

From what has been on display, there is a lot to like about regarding Kizer’s ceiling. If Kizer provides a similar stat line versus New York like he did against New Orleans, then it has to be awfully tempting for Jackson to consider promoting Kizer once again.

Kizer has been making a lot of progress in a short period of time. That is a great thing to see, so he is on the right track. Expecting him to do too much too soon though would be a problem. Keep realistic expectations in mind for the rookie’s season.

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Announcing that Kizer is already the answer at the quarterback is nonsense and is not needed right now. On the other hand, be happy with the strides that have been made and continue to watch how he develops.