Cleveland Browns should trade for left tackle Cordy Glenn


The Cleveland Browns need to make a splash by the 4 pm trade deadline on Halloween but not at the position many wants.

Honestly, the only focus for the rest of the 2017 season for the Cleveland Browns should be seeing what they truly have with quarterback DeShone Kizer. Outside that sadly, focus has shifted towards the draft for many.

Yes, Cleveland needs wide receivers. They also need another running back. However, since Cleveland is not going anywhere this season, why not invest in someone who can help in the short and long-term?

The Browns have an abundance of draft picks and it would be wise to use one or a couple on veteran help. So, with that in mind, making a deal for Buffalo Bills’ left tackle Cordy Glenn would be ideal.

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Buffalo already dealt defensive lineman Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although Buffalo is winning more than what has been expected, they are looking to move on from key pieces for the right price. That price could be met by the Browns and it should.

More than likely a second round pick (preferably the one the Houston Texans owe the Browns in 2018) should work. Now, I know what you are thinking: Glenn… really, could that happen? Yes, especially if a pick like a second rounder is in play.

There is no certainty that left tackle Joe Thomas will return in 2018. Therefore, a legitimate replacement would be needed. Spencer Drango started there on Sunday but he is not the answer there and by simply drafting a LT doesn’t mean they will have solidified the spot.

Glenn is the best option and it is not like he costs an arm and a leg. According to, Glenn, who was a second round pick in 2012, is making a combined $11 million in 2017, $11.250m in 2018, and $9.25m in 2019 and 2020.

Buffalo can also afford to just take back a draft pick because they have fellow linemen Dion Dawkins and Seantrel Henderson as internal options.

Even if Thomas were to come back to the Browns, his window is closing fast. Although it is not as simple as simply just moving over to right tackle, Glenn would be an upgrade of Shon Coleman in the meantime and then take over for Thomas when he decides to hang it up.

Should Thomas retire this offseason, at least Cleveland would have filled left tackle while figuring out right. It would be a mess if the franchise needs to find two quality tackles.

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Cleveland does have history trading with each other. Anyone remember the trade that netted Buffalo wide receiver Sammy Watkins? Both teams didn’t do too well in that one but maybe a Glenn/draft pick swap will change the fortunes this time around.