Cleveland Browns lose again to no one’s surprise falling to 0-15

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 24: Quarterback DeShone Kizer
CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 24: Quarterback DeShone Kizer /

No Christmas Eve win happened for the Cleveland Browns against the Chicago Bears.

There are many reasons the Cleveland Browns are winless! Bad play is, of course, the biggest of them all. That said, the lack of talent on the roster comes from the front office.

Whether it is drafting or poor free agent signings, mistakes are evident is every week. Hopefully, John Dorsey won’t make the same mistakes Sashi Brown did. With that in mind, there will be plenty of speculation in the coming weeks with how Dorsey will remake the team.

In the meantime, once again DeShone Kizer showcased his numerous struggles. Not surprisingly,  he threw an interception early on in the Chicago Bears’ endzone. He leads the league in that category with 21. Thus, proving he’s not the man for the job! Kizer finished with 182 yards and two interceptions.

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Kizer is late with his throws and he needs to know that it’s a timing offense. The football must get out on time. Kizer has yet to learn to read through his progressions. He also still stares down one receiver and the defense keys in on that.

Cleveland’s inability to do anything on offense resulted in them taking a quarter and a half before finally converting a first down. Now, as bad as Kizer is, his bookend tackles were nothing to be excited about (not a surprise).

Both Spencer Drango and Shon Coleman are no more than backups at best. Both also could or probably should be practice squad candidates.

Kizer’s play doesn’t help Corey Coleman‘s play either but between his injuries and inconsistencies, the former Baylor product is frankly tough to watch. Coleman has proven that he wasn’t worth a first-round choice!

Coleman only reeled in one pass for three yards on six targets. Yes, some passes were not ideal but it is evident in his second year that he hasn’t been all that was expected.

Speaking of disappointing wide receivers, Ricardo Louis actually a caught pass — his only target for 35 yards. It appeared that the former fourth-round pick was going to start some momentum but that quickly went away as Cleveland failed to get anything going all day.

Carl Nassab was not thinking on a regular basis, thus costing the team. He committed two penalties and one of them cost Myles Garrett a touchdown! The Browns could have been winning by four points. Instead, the Browns started to trail by double digits by the third quarter.

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Greg Williams‘ defense was defenseless against the screen pass throughout the game and playing Jabrill Peppers 20+ yards off the line of scrimmage didn’t help matters either. Then again, that was not the first game those kinds of things happened.

When you can see a play sitting at home and the defense is clueless to it, something has to change. That’s especially the case if it wasn’t the first time the opponent ran such a play.

It wasn’t long before Cleveland’s defense was starting to look like the offense. Today was just the latest example of the Browns making the same mistakes on a weekly basis. Right now, Duke Johnson looks like the only real football player they have.

Even Josh Gordon has caught the dropsies bug. As Sunday’s game progressed, more big mistakes occurred as a fumble near the endzone costs the Browns another touchdown. Too many redzone opportunities are wasted because of poor decision-making.

Can anyone question now why even UCLA’s Josh Rosen may stay in school to avoid being drafted by this franchise? Since 1999, Cleveland can’t seem to get out of its own way.

Kizer has the physical attributes for the position needed to succeed. However, like Brandon Weeden and all the others with similar traits, they must have it between the ears. Cleveland needs their next Bryan Sipe or Bernie Kosar. Those physical traits won’t lead to success without having the mental strength and understanding to push forward.

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Start lining the streets Ohio… the parade is coming. Hue Jackson get your swim trunks ready, Lake Erie is calling as Cleveland fell again, this time 20-3. Oh, by the way, with the loss Cleveland has the first overall pick again offically come April.