Cleveland Browns’ 2017 season is finally over which is long overdue


The Voice of the Fan is happy to say the Cleveland Browns’ 2017 season is over, to say the least.

The Cleveland Browns started on defense and looked like the typical inept and lost offense we are accustomed to seeing. Unfortunately, their offense was even worse than what we typically see.

They started on their own 22 but had to punt after a delay of game penalty from their two-yard line. Both Browns’ units played as if they were uninterested in being on the field today! Guess they’re looking forward to the Chris McNeil’s aka Reflog_18’s parade.

Even after the inaugural interception by Jabrill Peppers, Cleveland’s offense could not get out of its own way! It’s hard to believe that this team was getting shredded by mostly second-team players on both sides of the ball.

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Only the chronic bad play can explain jumping offside, thus turning a field goal into a first and goal opportunity for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite that miscue, Cleveland’s defense held on fourth and goal from the one.

Speaking of miscues, why would Kizer waste a time out with two seconds left in the quarter and the ball on your own one?

Blame could be placed on Kizer but just as much, if not more could be placed on Hue Jackson. He ruined his rookie quarterback’s confidence and did not help Kizer progress.

Pittsburgh continued to pile on scores while Kizer failed to complete a pass. It’s time for him to watch from the sidelines.

I can’t understand why the Browns’ defensive backs play 10 yards off their respective receivers. If the Browns’ corners are that bad, should they even be on the field?

Kizer was just 5/12 for 131 yards and one touchdown in the first half. He finished16/30 for 314 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Most of his seven first-half incompletions were thrown into the ground. The Steelers led 21-14 at halftime.

It wasn’t long though before the game got tied at 21 in the third quarter thanks to Rashard Higgins’ second touchdown catch. As tempting and exciting as that play was, many had to wonder, would this continue or would the fourth quarter blues rear its head again?

Well, no one had till then to know that the blues arrive early. Right after Higgins’ second score, Juju Smith-Schuster took the ensuing kickoff for a 96-yard touchdown.

Isaiah Crowell was a non-factor again, accumulating 21 yards on 15 carries, along with being called for a holding penalty. He should look in a mirror before blaming anyone for a bad year.

The fourth quarter bug bites hit hard again as Corey Coleman dropped another crucial pass. On the fourth and two play with the game on the line, he had it in his hands and failed to bring it in.

Once again, Coleman is proving not to be worthy of a first-round pick. Kizer isn’t always accurate but that pass was right on the money.

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Strike up the band and get the floats ready. Cleveland made history being the second winless 0-16 team joining the 2008 Detroit Lions. Cleveland is now onto the draft and free agents. Things must get better as they can’t get much worse. Happy New Year to all!