Cleveland Browns: It is inevitable that the 2020 draft is in NE Ohio

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The second biggest event the Cleveland Browns could get should be given to them sooner rather than later.

The Cleveland Browns have had one great run this offseason. From John Dorsey reshaping the roster, including drafting Baker Mayfield first overall to being selected to appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks, Cleveland has been a popular topic for some time now.

The Browns will continue to be a popular topic as the offseason continues but one thing that the franchise cannot associate itself yet with is hosting a draft.

Cleveland is very familiar with drafting first overall during drafts. While that is unfortunate, it is bound to happen eventually.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Nashville will host the 2019 NFL Draft.

Cleveland was in contention for the 2019 draft but they are also in contention for the 2020 draft. Cleveland is still in contention for 2020, but the franchise is in a hosting partnership with Canton, Ohio. Canton is home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

With Nashville hosting next year’s draft, the options available likely remain the same: Cleveland/Canton, Denver, Kansas City, and Las Vegas.

So, why should be it be inevitable that the Browns get a draft? Let’s look at what has been playing out in NE Ohio. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is completing renovations.

The NFL will want as many people in attendance ASAP. There will be many people once again attending the induction and hall of fame game, but even more people will attend a draft. As a result more revenue will be made by the NFL.

Coming off of a winless season with a new way of doing things in Cleveland, being named the Hard Knocks team is not the best scenario for a team in their situation.

A retractable roof is not coming any time soon. So, perhaps Cleveland has a handshake agreement that they won’t (understandably) bring up.

There have been stadium develop discussions made public recently. That is interesting to know but what is more intriguing is if any were made privately to NFL personnel beforehand and when did that occur?

If it has been some time ago, that could have led to the start of things. Thus, hypothetically, the Browns decided to become Hard Knocks‘ team in return they will get a draft in the foreseeable future.

The other assumed contenders are great cities, However, Vegas is Vegas after all and the midwest cities don’t have the buzz surrounding them like Nashville does. Plus, neither has an ace in the hole like Cleveland does with Canton’ hall of fame.

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The hall of fame is not a secret attraction. It is clear though that it does help Cleveland’s chances to secure the 2020 draft. If the NFL bypasses NE Ohio for that draft, hopefully it is found out why. A lot of positives both with the team and the areas are happening and it is just about when the NFL calls NE Ohio’s number.