Cleveland Browns: 5 players that could benefit from the Kevin Stefanski hire

Cleveland Browns Greg Robinson (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Greg Robinson (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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Nick Chubb

Speaking of the running game, Nick Chubb is about to get a rushing title if he stays healthy. Chubb fell 46 yards short of the title this year to Tennessee’s Derrick Henry, and that was with a head coach that didn’t give Chubb a minimum of 20 carries a whopping eight times during the 2019 season. Chubb only had 20+ carries three times all year. This was a man that averaged 5.0 yards a carry. Stefanski loves to run the ball, and Chubb should benefit from the run focus attack.

What happens to the backfield behind Chubb is anyone’s guess, but it was clear that trading away Duke Johnson was a mistake. Kareem Hunt is just as talented, no doubt, but he’s got too much baggage to retain. Clearing out the talent that has problems is a must. Hunt, and maybe even Odell Beckham could be on their way out due to their past problems. Should Hunt be on the chopping block, then that means Chubb would carry more of a roll. There’s also the fact that Stefanski will more than likely want a better blocker than Hunt.

The addition of a potential fullback in a lot of plays will also free up Chubb. No longer will he have to rely on just zone blocking and running through arm tackles to get big yards. Now he’d have a designated blocker that can help him get through those pesky linebackers and up to the most edible of players; the arm tackling secondary. The possibility of Chubb hitting 2,000 with a fullback and a better offensive line is a realistic possibility under Stefanski.

You’ll want to have a backrub running back that can spell Chubb, and there’ll be plenty of them in the draft. Hey, maybe for chuckles, Stefanski can bring back Peyton Hillis. I mean, why not? New year, new regime and all that. Jokes aside, the possibility of getting a secondary runner and primary blocker in a fullback is likely. So much potential lies in front of Chubb dominating the league if Stefanski just dedicates to a run-first offense.