Odell Beckham: The Cleveland Browns headache that won’t go away

Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

Odell Beckham Jr. gave the Cleveland Browns another headache, after an arrest warrant was issues after he was caught spanking a police officer.

Multiple outlets out of New Orleans reported an arrest warrant has been issued for Odell Beckham Jr. after video surfaced of the Cleveland Browns wide receiver spanking a police officer in the rear end after LSU’s win in the national championship Monday night.

Beckham’s moment of stupidity came minutes after another bone headed decision in which he was caught on camera passing out cash to LSU players. No, it doesn’t matter how you feel about college athletes being paid. They’re not allowed to accept cash, and there’s Beckham, passing out wads of cash.

Of course, Beckham wouldn’t pay any consequences. The players and the college will be the ones left to face the NCAA.

It’s just like the watch and the color of his helmet shield. It’s NEVER his fault.

Beckham’s presence truly is a conundrum because he continues to be more noticed for more things he does off the field, than he does on it. Heck, Ricky Seals-Jones had as many memorable plays as OBJ this past season, but you don’t see him teeing off on an officer’s backside.

He’s the definition of a DIVA wide receiver, and usually, teams turn a blind eye to the antics that come with rostering these players. Sure, OBJ had 1,000 yards receiving, but Whoo-dee-heck.  Antonio Bryant from 2005 (1,009 yards) was a more productive player.

You think he’s getting away with spanking a uniformed officer?

The potential of talent is what makes the idea of trading Beckham seem crazy. We all saw what he did and we think he can do it again.

But at what cost? How did Breshad Perriman look like he was on the verge of stardom catching passes from Baker Mayfield, when Beckham disappeared for stretches of weeks?

Mayfield gets criticized, but so does Beckham. He never looked to be in-sync with the offense. Freddie Kitchens was supposedly ditching game plans, though, as tales of the one-and-done coaches ineptitude will grow by the day.

The sidelines truly seemed like a disaster, though, why is why it’s hard to even think about moving on from OBJ.

Kevin Stefanski’s in charge on game days now, and since he’s supposed to re-vamp Mayfield, perhaps OBJ has a career renaissance. It’s all you can hope for, because even though he’s 27, the memories of him balling out on Sunday Night Football, nabbing one handed catches are long in the rear-view mirror.

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Even before this latest headache, Paul DePodesta was already a wild card in ObJ’s future. If he thinks he can replace 1,035 yards and three touchdowns for someone cheaper, don’t you’d think he do it? That’s Moneyball, and it’s not handed out after games.