Cleveland Cavs: Mid-Year Awards and report card

Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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The Cleveland Cavs players are doing their best, so let’s reward that effort with some mid-year awards and mid-season grades.

The Cleveland Cavs are at the halfway point of the season, and it’s fair to say none of their players are going to be up for any post-season awards. That doesn’t mean the players aren’t playing well or are even bad at their jobs, it’s simply just that kind of season. The season of suck.

With no hope of the team making the playoffs, or winning awards, it could be fun if we looked at the players who are on track to win a team-centric award. On top of that, each player will be graded for their performance and use by the team.

This will obviously be up for debate, as a team not even near .500 right now maybe shouldn’t have an MVP but as everyone’s grandfather once said; it can always be worse.

Cavs Most Valuable Player
– Kevin Love

Kevin Love is the best player on the team still until he gets traded. While his numbers aren’t what the fans want, a lot of that has to do with play-calling and a lack of passing. While he may not be putting up All-Star numbers, a lot of the team’s wins could be accredited to Love’s scoring versatility and rebounding. They already have issues scoring and will have even more if he gets traded.

Runner Up: Tristan Thompson

Cavs Rookie of the Year
– Darius Garland

You might not believe this, but Kevin Porter Jr. really was a candidate. Garland is playing better as of late and has improved his assist output. The lack of which was something he’d been criticized for. He’s been a good addition and could prove to be a really good starter in the future. Porter is also making a case for more playing time, though his three-point game needs work.

Runner Up: Kevin Porter Jr.

Cavs Sixth Man Award (Bench Player)
– Larry Nance

The sixth man could go to a number of people, but for now, it’s looking like Larry Nance might be the team’s most complete bench player. He’s not the dynamic scorer his father was but he’s a good defender, a great shot-blocker and a good scorer in transition. The team needs more consistent scoring from Nance, obviously, but his ability to play defense can’t be ignored. He’s no Ben Wallace but for a guy off the bench, he’s not half bad.

Runner Up: Kevin Porter Jr.

Defensive Player of the Year
– Larry Nance

Nance is back for another award. It’s down to him and Tristan Thompson as to who should get this one, and Thompson has shown to still disappear at times. That’s clearly not a huge problem on a team with this many losses at the midway point, but if he were on a contender he might be exposed a bit more often. Nance is consistent, even if his ceiling isn’t on Thompson’s level this year.

Runner Up: Tristan Thompson

NBA Most Improved Player
– Tristan Thompson

This was again, a two-man race. The reason for him getting this award is simple, he’s never been this consistent. While he does have some issues staying consistent, the fact is he’s never looked this good before. As sad as that sounds. Thompson has done a good job making himself a valuable trade asset.

Runner Up: Collin Sexton