After recent video gets released, it’s time to let Kareem Hunt go

Cleveland Browns Chris Hubbard (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Chris Hubbard (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Kareem Hunt’s time with the Cleveland Browns may be over after a new video is released showing Hunt admitting to drug use on camera.

Kareem Hunt has problems, the NFL is not a place to work those out. On Tuesday, Jan. 21 Hunt was pulled over by a Rocky River police officer and the initial story claimed the officer found a container of weed in his car but was let off with only a speeding ticket. Now, thanks to TMZ, the video paints a much more clear picture of Hunt’s substance issues.

Distraught and obviously emotional, Hunt can be heard calling himself the worst person ever, and that he’s just trying to “chill” in his hometown. He then tells the officer that he knows he’d fail a drug test if the NFL tested him right there.

Does that mean he’s under the influence? Probably, but to play Devil’s Advocate he may have partaken in the last day or so and he could be aware that he’d still fail a drug test. That said the fact that Hunt admitted to using is troublesome. It’s not hard to avoid taking drugs unless you’re an addict. This isn’t an anti-pot PSA, because you can develop an addiction to just about anything as it’s not about the substance necessarily but about the chemical makeup of the brain.

Maybe Hunt’s just super stressed all the time and self medicates. Maybe he just doesn’t care about the consequences. Either way, he’s got no business suiting up for the Browns this season, or ever again. Not until he goes into some sort of treatment and therapy. He’s spiraling, and if the Antonio Brown saga is any indication, you don’t wait until it’s too late to get someone help.

Hunt is aware he is on a “zero tolerance” list of sorts by the organization. A list that was already ignored once when Hunt got into a confrontation of sorts with a friend outside of a Cleveland bar during the summer. He admitted that it was a “wake up call” and that he knows he has work to do.

Yet, here we are again, not six months after his vows and he’s again in deep trouble. Hunt was pulled over and was found to have open containers of marijuana and vodka in his vehicle. The attending police officer didn’t even cite him for it, and let him off. Yet, in the video published by TMZ, the conversation between Hunt and the officer clearly implies Hunt was speeding to the airport so he didn’t miss a flight.

With a bag full of liquor and weed.

What does Hunt need to do for the Browns to finally say he’s not worth the headache?

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