Cleveland Browns: 10 players that need to go to rebuild the brand

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#3 – OT Greg Robinson

When you’re a former second overall pick and you’re a free agent at 26, looking for his third team, that says all one needs to know about your abilities. Greg Robinson had no business being a starter on this team. Especially when you realize that the Browns actually cut him once before in 2019 before realizing they let all their best linemen go (besides Joel Bitonio) and quickly re-signed him. Sure the move was probably to save money but still.

Robinson was barely able to stay on the field during his 2019 campaign, and while the idea behind his acquisition was about maximizing his potential, the fact is he has never lived up to those expectations of a second overall pick.

Finding a replacement may not be hard, but the team may have to “reach” for a player in the draft, or over-pay a free agent to get them into Cleveland. Despite shifting front offices, and different agendas, the Browns haven’t been known as a team with a bad o-line since about 2001. Sure, Joe Thomas was part of that reason but this franchise isn’t for having this problem of an offensive line. It’s time to put some serious effort into fixing the unit.

He’s also shown to be unstable at times, getting ejected from a game in 2019 for kicking a player in the face. Against the Titans, Robinson up-kicked a falling Titans player right in the face. That alone is reason enough to cut him.

It’s unclear if Robinson will even make the roster in 2020, or if he’ll be allowed to walk. It’s also unclear if Robinson has any value as a backup in a system he’s unfamiliar with, on top of his expectation of getting ample playing time. His lack of play, plus his dirty tactics are more than enough reason to let make sure he’s not a Brown in 2020.