Cleveland Browns: 10 players that need to go to rebuild the brand

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#2 – RB Kareem Hunt

This one is obvious but he’s not in the top slot for a reason; it’s because he’s obvious. There’s a good number of people that thought Kareem Hunt shouldn’t have been signed in the first place. He shouldn’t have, let’s be clear. Hunt had no business being acquired by the Browns. He clearly has issues that don’t need to be exacerbated by a pro sports lifestyle.

Hunt already assaulted a woman, literally kicking her when she was down. Then he was involved in two substance-related incidents with the police, where he was in an argument with a friend outside of a bar and then again in the now infamous traffic stop. Fans keep making excuses for a singular incident but one’s life is not meassured in parts, but by its whole. Hunt has a history of making bad decisions. There’s no reason to think that’s going to change anytime soon. The only thing you can do change your perception is to actually change. Hunt hasn’t. He’s still drinking, he’s still doing drugs, he’s still making poor decisions.

Hunt isn’t going to change because he has no reason to. He’s still actively sabotaging himself. He needs to get clean, get sober and cut people from his life that allows him to act a fool. It’s not a matter of if Hunt will have another legal issue, simply a matter of when. If he can’t stay on the straight and narrow, eventually his play will suffer. It’s bound to happen.

The NFL has too many examples of this happening to players for fans to still be blinded by this problematic string of incidnets. Hunt is an albatross around the neck of the Browns and if he’s not let go, it will only bring more embarrassment to this maligned franchise. It’s time to change the image and that means changing the type of players that the team acquires.

Everyone should root for Hunt to clean up his life, but that process has no business being done as an active player. Take time off and get your life together.