Cleveland Browns: 10 players that need to go to rebuild the brand

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#8 – OT Chris Hubbard

It’s entirely possible that Chris Hubbard needs a better guard next to him in order to live up to his lofty five years, $36.5 million dollar deal he got in 2018. It’s also very likely that John Dorsey was high on bath salts, saw a perpetual backup in Pittsburgh not get signed to a new deal and though “YEAH LET’S GO GET HIM!” as he nonchalantly wiped his nose clean. Hail Dorsey.

Here’s a rule of thumb for all free agents in just about all sports. If they’re a free agent, it’s for a reason. They’re either too expensive, too old, or not good enough. For Hubbard, it was somehow all three. Hubbard was a spot-starter in Pittsburgh and parlayed some good outings into a massive deal that will clog up the cap for the next three years. There is an out for this year, that will only ping the Browns for a few million for this off-season, and they should consider it.

Hubbard has been nothing but a disappointment since arriving in Cleveland. Though that’s a bit rude because Hubbard was signed after being a perpetual backup and has played like a man who should be a backup. So maybe he’s not a disappointment after all…

The Browns have huge holes on their line and someone like Hubbard is going to be a problem to try to fit into the starting rotation. If he were on a cheaper deal, keep him. He’s a fine back-up who can fill in as needed in a pinch but as an every-down, full-season starter? That’s not his jam.