Cleveland Browns: 7 players that need to stay to rebuild the brand

Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield (Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield (Getty Images) /
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The Cleveland Browns don’t need to cut or trade their entire roster to rebuild their brand’s legacy, they just need to make sure these seven stay.

The Cleveland Browns have a perception issue that needs to change before the quality of the play does. Talent who can’t be relied upon will always be problematic for the franchise. You don’t need to deal with these types to win. That’s just a simple fact.  So getting rid of a few bad eggs has to happen. Saying that, you can’t just let everyone go, you need to identify talent that can help move things forward.

The Browns have seven playmakers and standout players that need to remain on the team. That’s not to say that all seven players have behaved perfectly. Some players need to prove their worth and should be given that chance. Others provide a fire that helps the team rally, while some others just provide valuable leadership.

Retaining certain players is a must. Not everyone on this list is on the chopping block nor are they being shopped around. At least not yet or that we’re aware of. These are simply the seven players that would benefit the franchise if they used them as the building blocks to an eventual winner in Cleveland.

The city hasn’t been to the NFL playoffs since 2002 and the hope is that Kevin Stefanski and the new Browns management can help the team finally get past that hump going forward. With that, let’s look at the seven players the team needs to build around heading into the 2020 season.