Cleveland Browns: 7 players that need to stay to rebuild the brand

Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield (Getty Images)
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#6- QB Baker Mayfield

There are some fools who think the Browns should give up on Baker Mayfield because he threw a bunch of interceptions this year. That, as was stated originally, is a foolish take. Mayfield played in a poor offense, with a limited amount of passing options. Both of his “star” wide receivers were injured throughout the entire course of the season, making them ineffective and at times liability on the field.

There were no slot receivers, no backup receivers, no tight ends and a poor offensive line. All this made worse by a head coach who constantly abandoned game plans. Is it any wonder Mayfield tried to force plays to happen? Outside of Nick Chubb, who else was going to step up? Jarvis Landry tried, but as we know now, he had a terrible hip that bothered him throughout the season. So yes, Mayfield forced plays, but let’s not pretend that he’s ‘garbage’ as some of have stated.

Mayfield is the first Browns player to throw back to back 20 touchdown seasons since Brian Sipe in the 1979 and 1980 seasons. That was 40 years ago. For 40 years no Browns quarterback had two consecutive 20 touchdown seasons. To be even more clear, NO BROWNS QUARTERBACK since Sipe has thrown 20 touchdowns twice in their Browns career. There is absolutely no need to move on from Mayfield, he’s the quarterback of the future. He just has to get some help and a head coach who can stay consistent. New Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski should help with that.

Mayfield clearly needs to cut down on his turnovers, which will happen with healthy options at wide receiver, an improved offensive line, and improved tight ends. If Mayfield is tossing 30 interceptions with a better all-around offense around him, sure, we can look at what’s available. Just remember, though, that Drew Brees regressed in his THIRD season in the NFL and he turned out alright.