Fullback Andy Janovich is exactly what the Cleveland Browns needed

The Cleveland Browns traded a paltry seventh-round pick to the Denver Broncos for a potential game-breaking fullback in Andy Janovich.

The Cleveland Browns made a late-day decision to acquire Andy Janovich from the Denver Broncos for just a seventh-round pick. Janovich, a fulltime fullback, lost his spot in Denver when a new offense was brought in by former Browns coach Pat Shurmur. Because of the shift in schemes during this offseason, the Broncos need for a fullback was negated.

Janovich is a fantastic blocker, having lead the way for three straight seasons of 1,000-yard rushers. His ability to go man-to-man with blitzes is fantastic. He’s got a great, solid, firm base and excellent hips that allow him to propel his mass forward and repel bigger guys off balance. He’s also an awesome lead blocker, able to get around the edge, or up the gut, to pick off that first guy he sees.

The trade for Janovich also comes after a contract extension.

The Browns may have turned to the acquisition of Janovich after former Los Angeles Chargers fullback Derek Watt picked Pittsburgh in free agency. There’s no clear connection between the two moves, but they were announced nearly in succession, making it a bit interesting. If the team wanted Watt, that’s ok, Janovich isn’t a downgrade. Both men are arguably the best fullbacks in the game right now, but Janovich isn’t as strong. What he is, however, is more athletic. Janovich has great lateral quickness and impressive first step speed. This leads to Janovich being a better receiver from the backfield. He already has 12 receiving touchdowns already in his career.

He may not be the name you first think of as a potential difference-maker, but Janovich could very well be.

Trade Grade: A

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